Have you been steering clear of the gym lately? That’s ok! Working out indoors with a bunch of sweaty strangers doesn’t have much appeal these days. But thanks to exciting innovations in at-home workouts, and stylish activewear to match, you can mix sport and fashion to stay in shape without leaving your house. 

It’s easy to find an at-home fitness routine for any budget or workout style. Whether it’s a virtual cycling class or a free YouTube pilates sequence, there are countless options to help you stay active and move your body on a regular basis. Frequent exercise will boost your energy and improve your mood too.

And if you’re like us, sporting the latest activewear and accessories while staying fit is a must. Having the proper equipment and clothing is vital to maintaining your routine and your commitment to your wellness goals. Sports and fashion have always been friends, but these days the hottest brands are blending them together.

Here are 5 fierce and stylish brands you can turn to to stay fit, healthy, and thriving at home.  

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Shop at home gym equipment from Bowflex

Your At-Home Gym

If you’ve been considering investing in some home gym equipment, now is the time.  Put your studio or gym membership on pause and use that cash to get your own bike, treadmill, or trainer. Bowflex has been perfecting home gym equipment for more than 30 years. Their products help get results and are built to last.

If you’re missing that endorphin inducing spin class, bring home a Bowflex bike, dim the lights, and crank up the tunes. You can even enjoy all the benefits of that popular spin class app, without the hefty price tag. Don’t have space for a large piece of equipment? Check out the SelectTech line, you get a variety of weights in a compact space-saving design. You’ll never have to wait to use a piece of equipment or deal with cringe-worthy pop music blaring in your ears again. Who needs the gym anyway?

Shop sport and fashion from Reebok

Go for a Stroll

Walking around your neighborhood is not only good for your body, but it gives you a mental boost as well. When the back to back Zoom meetings are driving you crazy, take some time for yourself and head outside. Turn to Reebok for sport and fashion-friendly gear that will leave you feeling polished and preppy.

For the little bit of time you spend away from your home these days, it’s good to feel put together. That’s why Reebok’s selection of stylish athleticwear is the go-to choice for serious athletes and fashionistas alike. Lace-up a pair of their retro sneakers and you’ll feel like you’re walking on sunshine… woo-ooo! Reebok also has tons of high-performance activewear in basic colors and styles. Supplement your work-from-home look with fashionable and functional pieces.

Manduka yoga mats for sale

Create a Zen Den

There’s no substitute for practicing yoga in a room filled with blissful vibes and calming energy. But the good news is it’s easy and affordable to bring the studio experience into your home. Yoga is beginner friendly and you don’t need much to get started. If it’s time to replace your old mat, go with the brand beloved by yogis the world over. 

Professional yoga studios turn to Manduka for their props and accessories. The brand’s sustainably made, high-quality products will keep up with you through thousands of vinyasas. Invest in one of their amazing yoga mats and you’ll never need another. They’re durable and offer just the right amount of comfort and support. If you’re ready to up-level your practice, grab a pair of yoga blocks and a yoga strap to help you master those tough poses at home. Manduka even offers free virtual yoga classes on their website. Don’t let stress get the best of you during these tough times. Make yoga a priority and you’ll feel calmer and more confident. Namaste!

Shop sport and fashion accessories from S'well

Hydration Never Looked This Good

Water is life. And making sure you drink enough of it each day is key to staying fit and healthy. A reusable water bottle is practically a sportswear fashion accessory these days. By toting one around you let the world know you care about the environment, your health, and reducing plastic waste. There is no more fashionable way to do this than by carrying a S’well water bottle. 

You’ve seen S’well bottles in the hands of celebs on the move. No other brand mixes sport and fashion into a functional vessel as well as the original. Choose from an array of colors and prints that are fresh off the fashion runways. Not just pretty, these bottles and travelers keep beverages cold for days. Literally. The original S’well bottle can keep your water cold for up to 54 hours! 

Bandier activewear for sale

Fashion-Forward Workout Gear

Have you worked out with friends or a trainer over Zoom yet? Turn your camera on and stay accountable to your fitness routine. Make a plan to meet up virtually every week with your friends for a kickboxing or cardio dance class or a workout with a personal trainer. This is one of the safest ways to partake in personal training since they’ll be able to help you with your form and avoid injury from afar. Having your camera on means you’re committed to giving your all to this workout. It also means you need something cute to wear. That’s why we love Bandier.

Color and prints are popping in this energetic athleisure brand’s collection. Pick from some of the hottest trends like metallics or tie-dye and you’ll be the fashion queen of Zoom. Cute workout clothes will motivate you to get your buns moving. Plus you won’t feel guilty wearing leggings all day when they’re this trendy. Sports and fashion never looked this good together before.  

Sport and Fashion for Fun

Making fitness fun is the key to reaching your goals. Treating yourself to some new equipment or workout wear can be a great motivator. And earning cash back on your fitness purchases can make it all more worthwhile. Don’t let being stuck at home prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself. Sign up with Jewel today, and earn cash back when you shop your favorite brands!

We can’t wrap up our sport and fashion blog without mentioning swimwear! Hit your local lap pool for a fun way to stay fit. Check out the latest swimwear brands that you can earn money to shop.

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