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We know — there’s a lot going on this year. It’s totally okay if you forgot to get someone a gift, or want to add a little extra something for the pal who really came through for you this year.

The problem is, shipping times are long right now, and running to the store last-minute might be out of the question. Or, the stores just aren’t cutting it and you want something unique and original that shows how much you care.

Good news! We’ve put together this list of the best last-minute holiday gift ideas just for you and those who you love the most. Last-minute Christmas gifts don’t have to be a stressful ordeal. You just need a bit of creativity and some stardust to make it happen. Just kidding, no stardust required — just subscriptions! 

A brilliant idea for last-minute gifts, subscriptions go beyond cash or a gift card because they continually give to your special someone long after the holiday. So sweet!

As another sign that you’re doing the right thing, here’s a bonus: Everything on our list is eligible for amazing cash back with Jewel. That’s right, you’ll get to earn money on last-minute gifts, instead of paying high prices for expedited shipping. Since when does that happen? 

*Prices may vary. The merchants listed in this blog pay us a commission when you make product purchases using the links we provide.

 Shop last-minute gifts from Ladder

1. Last-minute gift ideas for nutrition-focused friends

Focusing on our hobbies was a top priority this year (Netflix binge-watching counts as a hobby, right?). This includes our athletic friends who went hard at the gym and at home to release the tensions of 2020. 

That’s why they’re sure to appreciate a subscription to one of Ladder’s nutrient-rich supplements.

Crafted by none other than LeBron James and his trainer — with some assistance from Arnold Schwarzenegger, too — the supplements are meant to help athletes create a strong nutritional foundation for their activities. Terminator-approved!

Check out the Superfood Greens supplement with spirulina, matcha, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and B vitamins. Pick up a sampler pack for yourself, too, because we all deserve some extra nutrition right now.

Last-minute Christmas gifts from Omaha Steaks

2.  Give the gift of steak all year long

Yep, you heard us right! Omaha Steaks lets you send steak gift boxes to your loved ones. Pick a plan — you can send a package every month, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Omaha Steaks has plenty of other gift options, too, including gift baskets, wines, seafood, desserts, and more. 

These wonderful people anticipated the holiday rush, of course, so there’s free rush delivery for last-minute gifts in most areas.

If you’re debating about the quality, know these steaks are all-in-the-family. The company has been family-run for five generations. Plus, just look at the pictures on the website and we’re pretty sure you’ll be sold.

If only we had someone to gift us a steak box this year!

Last-minute holiday gift ideas from Box of Style

3. Last-minute holiday gift ideas: How about a curated box of style?

Have a fashion fiend in your midst? Box of Style sends $450 worth of luxury style essentials every season. Choose a membership and customize it for the most fabulous and exciting last-minute Christmas gifts the lucky recipient will get all year.

You can pay per year or pay quarterly, whatever your heart — and wallet — desires. 

In addition to the gorgeous items, you’ll provide access to a members-only Shoppe for exclusive rates. We wish we had a friend like you!

Last-minute Christmas gifts to send from Firstleaf

4. Wine: The gift everyone could use this year

Depending on how well you know the recipient, you could send them a Firstleaf gift card so that they can take the initial wine pairing quiz themselves. But something tells us you came here looking for more than gift cards.

In that case, go ahead and take the wine preference quiz for your pals and then hand the login information over to them. Or, give them a call to randomly ask them 13 wine questions “for no particular reason,” hang up the phone, and you’re good to go!

Regardless, after the initial quiz, they’ll get an introductory order a couple of days later. Then, they will go to their profiles, rate the wines, and from that point, receive more and more accurate new wines as the experts collect their preferences and adjust as necessary. Such a cool last-minute holiday gift idea for wine lovers or those looking to get into wine.

Last-minute gifts for sale from Bulletproof

5. Help someone with their everyday health

Bulletproof wants to help people feel their best by providing science-backed, clean, everyday support in the form of coffees, proteins, foods, and supplements. For an upgrade to the typical gift basket idea, Bulletproof has you select your products of choice, set the delivery frequency, and adjust as needed. So convenient! 

Pack your cart full of delicious and useful items for the lucky recipient and subscribe away. We recommend the Bulletproof Original ground coffee and the Zinc with Copper supplement for an immunity and mood boost. 

Best subscriptions for gifts from Thrive Market

6. Gift access to an entire fresh market

Still stressed out about last-minute holiday gifts to send? (Really, after all that?) You don’t have to send anything at all, my friend. Here’s one more idea we think you’ll love.

By giving a $5-per-month membership to Thrive Market, you’re providing access to 25-50% off retail prices on more than 6,000 organic, sustainable products. Thrive Market’s products are carefully curated to fit dozens of diet and lifestyle needs — plus, members-only deals and rewards. Such an easy gift that gives so much all year! 

Shop last-minute Christmas gifts from Goop

7. Beauty subscriptions that give all year

Many beauty brands offer subscription services for specific products. For example, brands like Paula’s Choice and Goop let customers replenish their supplies at the time span of their choosing. Often, they include offers like 15% off and free shipping for taking advantage of the offer. If you know your mom’s must-have face cleanser or your pal’s go-to body oil, find the brand here and see if they provide these services. 

We must say, getting even a couple months off from remembering to purchase our favorite moisturizer would be a dream!

Shop with cash back for extra holiday joy

This gorgeous little article provided you up to 50% cash back with the provided Jewel links. How could holiday shopping get any better than that? We hope you found the perfect last-minute holiday gift ideas for the special people on your list.

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