Guest blogger, Emily Kay, shares her savvy summer travel tips to help you get to where you want to go! She’s focused on staying within her budget, while still getting a taste of the luxe life.

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I know many of you are in my boat of loving the adventures that travel brings. There’s nothing quite like exploring a new place and culture while gaining unique experiences as you go. There’s just one catch with it all. It’s the thing that sometimes even prevents travel from happening. The big “B” word. You know….dun-dun-duuuun….BUDGET.

Other words for it? Buzz kill. Or, Blah Blah Blah. AM I RIGHT?!

Photo of Emily Kay standing by a Greece flag with a scenic water background

Vacations are all fun and games until you start to compile information on important logistical factors such as flights or where to stay. Then you pull out your credit card and all of a sudden things gets real real. Real fast. (Follow that?)

I always find myself getting really scrappy and looking for added ways to save money while booking travel, to help offset the cost of it all. While we were booking our travel arrangements for Greece, I was shocked by how expensive some things were. Between the flights, hotels, and transportation, it was enough to make us consider rowing a boat across the world equipped only with a backpack. (Alright, fine, that was only said for dramatic effect. But still.)

BUT, my friends, we did discover a little way to save while booking, which we’ll definitely be using for future trips.

Photo of Emily Kay standing in a scenic store alleyway in Greece

Here’s the big secret: Jewel.

You’ve seen me talk about them before in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, where I rounded up my top picks and noted how when you shop through Jewel, you get cash back on every purchase. But did you know they also enable cash back through travel-based bookings, too?

True story. What a world we live in!

The Scoop On How You Can Save Money While Booking Travel

Jewel is a cash back retail site that specializes in designer and luxury brands. Basically, if you shop through them, you get cash back as if you’ve earned commission off every purchase. And this isn’t some sale site where you get past season goods – you can literally shop all current items on your favorite brand sites and get cash back for every purchase. (Brands like Tory BurchAnthropologie, and Madewell to name a few!)

But even if you’re not a huge online retail shopper, Jewel has ways for you to save, because they also allow for cash back on things like travel.

Booking a hotel on your next trip? Book through Jewel and get up to 11% cash back! You can book things like an Intercontinental hotel roomMarriott International hotel room, or Hilton hotel room. Prefer to stay in a house? Get cash back when you book Home Away or even VRBO. You can even save on flights — brands like Air France are giving cash back, too!

And using the site is super easy. Members sign up, shop online through Jewel, and check out like normal. With every purchase, you rack up cash and earn real money back. Then you get paid directly — you can track your earnings and cash out every season.

Example, please.

Think about just how much that could add up when you’re traveling. I’m an examples person, so let’s just break down a quick one. Let’s say I’m going to Miami for a week. I decide to book an Intercontinental hotel for 7 days at $200 a night. Meaning I’d normally spend $1,400 on just the hotel. However, if I booked through Jewel, I’d get 11% cash back, or $154 back into my pocket. That’s nearly an entire night free, or multiple meals paid for with those savings. Not bad, right?!

Pretty amazing, right?! I personally think it’s super cool that a site has enabled us to shop and have an automatic sale at the click of our fingers. If a brand is working with Jewel, there’s quite literally no reason why you wouldn’t book through them. Be sure to sign up for Jewel if you’re looking to save while booking your next trip!

xx, Emily

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