Somedays you just can’t. 

When the temperatures soar, doing anything other than sitting in front of the A/C is a challenge. Cold showers, frozen drinks, and ice cream treats are necessary for survival.

In these dog days of summer, getting dressed is way too much work. Why even bother when you’re going to end up all sweaty before you even make it out the door. Late summer and early fall are some of the hottest weeks of the year. It’s like summer knows pumpkin spice season is around the corner and it’s holding on for dear life.

So until walking around in the buff is acceptable, we’ve got to find a hot weather fashion solution. It’s time to embrace athleisure

Athletic wear trends are everywhere these days. So much of this stuff is designed to keep you cool. Quick-dry fabric and mesh panels help your skin get some much-needed airflow. Moisture-wicking technology makes sweat a thing of the past. 

You don’t want to dress like you’re always on your way to the gym, but with some clever styling tricks, you can make athletic wear a part of your everyday life. It’s all about mixing activewear with your signature style. Athleisure is here to stay, let’s learn how to create comfy and chic looks. 

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All White Everything

Hot weather fashion from Alo Yoga

Hot weather fashion 101: keep cool in light-colored clothes. If you’re outdoors, white reflects the sun so it won’t feel so hot. Channel your inner yogi and browse Alo Yoga’s impressive collection of white tops and bottoms. 

All the cool girl yoga teachers sport these high-performance leggings because they offer the perfect amount of stretch and support. You can wear them to class but also to brunch and out shopping after. 

Alo does white activewear better than anyone else, so if you’re feeling that ethereal all-white look, this is the brand for you.

Crop Tops

Shop Carbon38 athletic wear trends

Shorter shirt means more breeze. Free your belly button and get some airflow. Crop tops used to be a no-no if you were past a certain age, but today’s cropped shirts have grown up, thanks to athletic wear trends.

For the classiest crops in town, you’re going to want to check out Carbon38. This brand has perfected the fashion meets activewear look. They’ve even recently made the move beyond athleisure into everyday clothing. 

For — dare we say— elegant crop tops, you can’t go wrong with Carbon38.  

Biker Shorts

Sweaty Betty biker shorts for sale

90’s fashion is back in a big way right now and we’re happy to see the return of biker shorts. 

Secretly, we’ve all been wearing them at home and in the gym anyway. But now they’re back in style and more than an athletic wear trend. 

Pair them with an oversized crop top for a streetwear-inspired, hot weather fashion look. Sweaty Betty has a great selection of biker shorts in different colors and lengths. Check out their Super Sculpt line, to give your bum a boost. Grab a pair or two that have side pockets, to keep your phone handy during workouts or Netflix binges in front of the air conditioner.

Tennis Skirts

Nike tennis skirts for sale

This athletic wear trend just makes sense. Even if you won’t be setting foot on the court, you still need a cute and sporty tennis skirt.  

Move with ease, let your legs catch a breeze, and don’t worry about flashing a little bit of cheek. Pair a classic tennis skirt with a lightweight sweater for a killer bonfire outfit.

Leave it to Nike to have one of the best collections of tennis skirts around. You’ll find the classic white pleated style alongside some modern interpretations. Go for a bold print or asymmetric shape and make this trend all your own. 

Step aside, Serena, we’re playing to win with this hot weather fashion move.

The One-Piece Athletic Wear Trend

Shop Lululemon jumpsuits

When it’s broiling, reach for a dress, romper, or jumpsuit for effortless style. You’ll look and feel cool. 

Short dresses and tiny rompers are a no-brainer. For hot weather, we love jumpsuits that are loose-fitting and un-fussy. 

Look at Lululemon’s collection of dresses and you might forget they’re actually a high-performance activewear brand. You can throw on one of their soft and flattering dresses and you’ll be ready for whatever your day has in store. We’ll be living in the Ease of It All jumpsuit and Handle the Heat romper for the next 2 months. 

Magic Leggings

Shop hot weather fashion from Under Armor

It sounds counterintuitive, but hear us out…The right pair of leggings can cool you down. 

High-tech performance fabric is designed to dry quickly. So if it’s one of those brutal, muggy days and there is actual sweat dripping down your legs, athletic leggings can help. The fabric pulls moisture away from your skin and that action and sensation cools down your body. 

Any old pair of leggings just won’t do that. You need leggings that are made for athletes. 

This is where Under Armor comes in. They know their stuff. Between their leggings and running tights, you can find a basic black pair or a bold color to keep you cool and comfortable.

Sports Bras as Tops

Outdoor voices hot weather fashion

No shirt? No problem! Sports bras are just crop tops in training. Pair your cutest one with some denim shorts for streetwear meets athletic wear. 

Oh, and the best part? Automatic boob sweat protection. Since sports bras are designed to wick away moisture, your girls will stay cool and dry. 

Celeb favorite activewear brand Outdoor Voices makes some killer sports bras. You can find your perfect level of support and coverage. They offer a huge range of sizes and colors, plus many of their products are made from recycled materials — which is great for the planet AND your chest.

Hot Weather Fashion for All

Athleisure meets runway meets street style. Anything goes these days, so it’s all about wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident. And no one feels good when they’re sweating through trendy, impractical clothes. Don’t hide away until the leaves start falling, take your activewear beyond the gym or studio.

Looking for another way to beat the heat? Get wet! Cool off at the beach or pool in the latest swimwear styles.

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