It’s no secret that the late winter months can bring along a case of the blues. In fact, many people agree that late January — specifically the third Monday of the month — is the darkest day of the year, due to the cold temperatures and the lack of holidays ahead. For that very reason, this specific day has been dubbed “Blue Monday.” 

But it doesn’t have to be so blue. 

Rather than succumb to the frigid winter blues, we’re gathering some of our favorite ways to bring light to these chilly January days.* We hope they brighten your day… or at least your shopping cart.

*Prices may vary. The merchants listed in this blog pay us a commission when you make product purchases using the links we provide. 

Photo of EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask

  1. Brighten up your skin

Just because you may not be able to do much about the gloomy winter weather doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to brighten up your own world — specifically your skin. So, this Blue Monday, grab a great brightening treatment, like the EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask ($90), to remove the dry, winter debris buildup on your skin, and bring out a brighter, smoother complexion. The mask is especially great because it includes a natural source of AHA extracted from the precious Australian caviar lime, Lime Pearl™, which acts as a gentle, yet effective exfoliant that promotes natural cell turnover. 

Photo of a hotel room you can find on Hotels.com

  1. Escape to the sunshine

Earlier this month, we shared some of our favorite winter weather escapes, from international getaways to local warm weather destinations. But don’t feel like you have to take a month off of work simply to get a taste of the sun. Channel your inner spontaneity and plan a long weekend trip somewhere warm with your family or friends. Travel sights like Hotels.com make it easy to find a great last minute deal on everything from hotels to vacation packages and flights, leaving you with the perfect excuse to get away. (Especially when you get to come home to cash back, thanks to shopping through Jewel.)

Photo of throw pillows from Verishop

  1. Bring some happiness into your home

We’ve all heard the saying, “you are a product of your environment.” If you find yourself stuck in the same routine and feeling dreary, take a look around you. Are your summer plants wilting away from the lack of summer sunlight? When is the last time you updated your space to make it feel happy, energizing, and motivating? Verishop has a number of elevated home decor items that serve both style and purpose, and can easily take your dark home from drab to fab. So this Blue Monday, take the opportunity to not only lift up your spirits, but the spirit of your home, as well.

Photo of a couple walking down a beach holding hands

  1. Reconnect with loved ones

There are few things that re-energize us and lift our spirits quite like spending time with the person that we love. So, if you and your loved one are both feeling a little blue this winter, take a break just the two of you to get away from it all. Marriott International offers a number of amazing host destinations for a Weekend Couples Getaway where you can share champagne on the balcony, get a spa treatment, or simply enjoy room service and a movie away from it all. 

No matter how you decide to treat yourself this Blue Monday (or all winter long), make sure that you shop through Jewel for the added treat of cash back after your purchase!

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