Ladies and gents, let the holiday shopping season commence! Black Friday is the official start of the most wonderful time of the year. This day-after-Thanksgiving event has become a holiday in its own right, with a set of traditions among friends and family. 

But, Black Friday shopping in person is not where we want to be this year. Safety first, my friends! Instead, join us in our fuzzy socks and blankets as we stalk the online deals from your favorite luxury brands into the early hours of the morning. Plus, want to hear something really amazing? Even though you often can’t price match, you most certainly can use cash back Black Friday deals to score those fabulous gifts and earn a little something for yourself!

Here’s a hot tip

Install this Jewel Cash Back extension, and shop away at the brands we mention and many more. Check out as usual and get paid directly for your cash back purchases to make the most out of your gift-buying and holiday shopping this year.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! Read on for insider tips, info, and how-tos for our own version of the holiday: Cash Back Black Friday!

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Okay, what is Black Friday again?

In case you live under a rock (no shame, we love that you’re owning being off-the-grid), you may not realize exactly what Black Friday is or what it entails. Here’s the scoop: the day after Thanksgiving is what many retailers deem the start of the holiday shopping season, and boy do they rise to the occasion.

Black Friday began with intense in-store deals that started in the early morning hours. Over the years, the timeline has stretched so that deals begin late on Thanksgiving day or right at midnight. Did you have those cousins who left the festivities early on Thanksgiving night so they could get a couple hours of sleep in before shopping? Yep, they were merrily celebrating Black Friday!

Now, Black Friday deals are online, too, so it’s not just a Cyber Monday thing anymore. But we’ll discuss that another day. For now, we want to get to the action: Black Friday cash back deals.

Cash back Black Friday deals offer additional value to shoppers 

For those of you looking to maximize deals on your favorite brands, you’re probably used to doing your research and price matching for the most bang for your buck, as they say. We totally feel that.

Well, on Black Friday, retailers usually don’t allow price matching. You can check out your favorite brands to find out whether they will, but for the most part, it’s a no-go. To get the most out of your deals, cash back shopping comes in handy.

How will cash back deals work on Black Friday?

Well, with that handy Jewel Cash Back Extension we mentioned earlier, you can shop Jewel’s luxury brands effortlessly. You simply can’t miss out on a deal, because we are built into your browser and will let you know which brands offer cash back opportunities. Told you we’d be there for you!

Which brands will I be able to shop?

Not to worry, we’ve made that part easy. We have an exciting, searchable list of brands we work with. Do you want that insider info we promised? Sephora and Bloomingdale’s are a couple of brands that historically offer fabulous Black Friday deals, and we offer cash back opportunities with both. Sephora gives you access to more than 200 top beauty brands including Fenty Beauty, Drunk Elephant, Dior, and Smashbox.

Bloomingdale’s? Well, they’re already offering a ton of holiday deals right now, plus our cash back advantage. It’ll only get better from here! They have a wonderful selection of products, with everything from clothing, shoes, and accessories to home and bath items. Honestly, they could be a one-stop shop for holiday gifts.

Okay, we’ll share one more example you can look forward to: Saks Fifth Avenue. Picture those glamorous department store holiday shopping scenes in films, and conjure up those images while you shop from the comfort of your home this year. Saks has an expansive assortment of luxury items that will make the perfect gifts.

Trust us, there are many more options. Check back often to see how those cash back offers increase as we get closer to the big day.

A few more tips before we leave you to shop

Preparation is key

Your favorite brands will start to share their deals a week or so before Black Friday, so be sure to follow their social media pages and check for updates. Preparation will make the day go a whole lot smoother, and more enjoyable, too. We want you to have fun!

Jewel has your back

Shopping with Jewel is free. Whether you use the Jewel Cash Back Extension or click through on our retailer links, you’ll check out at the stores as usual, and get paid directly. More money for gifts, or more funding for some new clothes for you!

If you want to learn more about how cash back shopping works, read this. And if you need some ideas before you shop on Cash back Black Friday (it’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?), check out this list of five brands that will help you stay fit at home in style.

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