Finished scouring the web for Black Friday deals? Awesome, let’s move on to Cyber Monday! What’s that, you say? You didn’t realize there’s another day for amazing holiday shopping deals? Of course! 

Whether you are a Black Friday pro and missed the memo on the Monday after, or if you aren’t really into hard-core shopping the day after eating your weight in croissants, there’s always more opportunities to score fabulous deals.

But here’s a pro tip we’ve been dying to share: You can get even more value out of your holiday shopping when you have a Jewel Cyber Monday. That’s right, using our Chrome extension or provided links to all of your favorite luxury brands, you will get cash back on top of the Cyber Monday deals.

Read on for Cyber Monday shopping tips, how to access cash back offers, and some insider info on what you can expect from using Jewel this season.

*Prices may vary. The merchants listed in this blog pay us a commission when you make product purchases using the links we provide.

Cyber Monday shopping tips to maximize deals

As we said, Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. This is an online-only event, while Black Friday began as an in-store event that now includes online offers, too. But let’s be real, Cyber Monday now extends into the whole week. Especially with more people opting to stay home this year and away from the crowds, we expect the online deals to be smoking hot.

Stay up-to-date on your favorite brands

Visit the social media pages of your favorite brands, visit their websites, and sign up for email updates. This way, you’ll get up-to-date information on when their deals will start and what sort of offers they’ll have. Plus, you can get an idea of their stock and how long the deals will last. Just like Black Friday, items may sell out fast, but it’ll help to be prepared and know what products are hot and what pages you might need to stalk. Or, have some backup items planned in case you miss out on something. We know you won’t, though, you savvy shopper!

How to save on Cyber Monday

Okay, here’s the good stuff. Obviously, you’re going to snag some incredible deals this week on your own. In fact, you’ll be getting even more deals than the average shopper because you followed our preparation tips. But, you can get so much more out of it by earning cash back. A Jewel Cash Back Cyber Monday is one that will leave you with double the offers. Go get ‘em!

Wait, what’s cash back again?

You’re probably familiar with earning cash back on credit card purchases, but in the context of online shopping, it means companies like Jewel have partnered with certain retailers to give you cash back when you shop through our links or using our Chrome extension. It’s that simple! Oh, and P.S., it’s totally free to sign up.

Use Jewel for intense cash back deals

We don’t use the word “intense” lightly. For your holiday shopping, we are talking cash back percentages in the double digits. So, while you’re out there making us proud and scouring your favorite luxury brands for their offers, take a couple trips over to Jewel and search those brands to see the current cash back deals.

The most efficient way to shop, though, is to download Jewel’s Chrome extension. This bad boy makes it so easy to shop because our extension will tell you if a retailer website you’re shopping on has a cash back offer. Once you download the extension, it serves as your shopping sidekick.

Which brands are we talkin’?

Well, since you asked so nicely, we want to give you some insider information. Jewel retailers like Club Monaco and Tory Burch might be something to watch for as the Cyber Monday date gets closer. These luxury brands will give you the opportunity to shop for some incredible high-end apparel, including cashmere and outerwear, with fantastic cash-back offers.

A few more? Okay, okay. How do Alo Yoga and COS sound? Simply put, Alo Yoga wants to make the best yoga clothing in the world for its shoppers, to inspire them to have more yoga in their life. So pure! And COS? One word: timeless. Remember, you’re getting paid to shop with Jewel. That means shopping with real peace of mind!

Before we go, one last note on Jewel Cash Back Cyber Monday

Still not sure about cash back? Here’s the gist: We are getting paid to refer you to retailers, and in return, they’re paying you for shopping. You’ll earn $5 just for signing up for free, and get paid directly every 60 days. Read this if you want to learn more about how it works.

Are you all out of gift ideas? While you plan for Cyber Monday, check out our expansive gift guides for literally everyone on your list. We’re sure you’ll be able to snag some fantastic cash-back deals on these brands and many, many more.

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