Use this Cash Back Extension to Earn Cash Back on Your Favorite Self-Care Brands*

It’s time to start getting cash back for all the hard earned dollars you’re spending on wellness essentials. How are you going to do that?

Start earning cash back on luxury face masks, essential oils, herbal remedies, moisturizing lotions, or candles using the Jewel Cash Back Extension or by shopping directly through the Jewel website.

Earn cash back on self-care brands

Earn Cash Back on Top Luxury Wellness Brands

The Jewel Cash Back Extension allows you to shop with companies like Aveda, Korres, Sephora and so many more. The Cash Back Extension will alert you when you’re on a site that qualifies for cash back rewards, so your account can be activated and you don’t miss an opportunity to put money back in your wallet.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself, it’s completely free!

Get cash back at Sephora

How Do You Install the Jewel Cash Back Extension?

Ready to start earning cash back with the Jewel Cash Back Extension? First, sign up for a free Jewel account. Then, follow this link to install the Cash Back Extension. It’s that simple. 

And if Cash Back Extensions aren’t your thing, conveniently shop via the Jewel website by utilizing our convenient links on the luxury brands you love.

* Our Cash Back extension is not compatible with the websites of all retailers shown on If you are unable to activate a shopping trip on a retailer’s website directly by using the Jewel Cash Back Extension, simply navigate to, sign in, find the brand, and click ‘Get Started.’ This will redirect you to the brand’s site where you can shop as normal.

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