There are so many options when it comes to choosing the perfect style engagement ring cut for your future fiance’ — do you want something modern and timeless, quirky and personal, or vintage and unique? You can literally customize and craft a ring that has as much unique personality as the person you’re gifting it to.

But if you’re looking for some help narrowing down all of those style and sparkle options, have no fear. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Blue Nile to round up some of the most common engagement ring cuts, and today we’re looking deep into each one to see what kind of personal style or personality might be reflected in each.

Photo of a round cut engagement ring

Round Cut

This traditional cut, also known as a ‘brilliant cut,’ is one of the most coveted styles of engagement rings and is perfect if you are looking for a classic look that will last through the ages. The round shape allows for maximum sparkle, and the timeless shape is one that you won’t have to worry about fading with fads.

Personalities suited to this cut: Someone who is easy going, classic, honest, trustworthy, traditional, or modern. (Think Allison Williams or Miranda Kerr.)

Pairs well with: A contemporary lace mermaid dress with a long veil.

Ideal honeymoon: Sipping on deep red wine overlooking a vineyard in Bordeaux, France.

Photo of a princess cut engagement ring

Princess Cut

This beautiful diamond cut can be identified by its beveled sides and squared-off top. Princess cut rings are often considered very feminine and girly (for example, what better style for a fairy tale wedding than a princess cut ring?) — but when paired with a simple band, can also be a great modern, contemporary style for an engagement ring.

Personalities suited to this cut: Someone who is decisive and organized, but also fun-loving and silly. (Think Hilary Duff or Kate Bosworth.)

Pairs well with: Alternative bridal looks

Ideal honeymoon: Drinking fruity drinks out of coconuts on the beach in Hawaii.

Photo of a emerald cut engagement ring

Emerald Cut

An emerald cut diamond is a style that is glamorous and exudes elegance and refinement. (After all, movie legend like Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly rocked Emerald Cuts.) It’s time honored with a vintage flair, yet unexpected with a classic edge and more understated side. It’s the perfect engagement ring style for the fashionista who has discerning taste.

Personalities suited to this cut: Someone who is unique, efficient, bold, straightforward, or effortlessly chic. (Think Beyonce or Amal Clooney.)

Pairs well with: A glamorous high-fashion gown with a defining element, such as an off-the-shoulder moment, or deep plunge.

Ideal honeymoon: Riding up the Amalfi Coast on a vespa and stopping for gelato.

Photo of a oval cut engagement ring

Oval Cut

This stylish cut is one of the most trendy, up-and-coming styles for engagement ring designs. Because it’s a fresh take on a timeless style, it’s the perfect option for someone who loves classic, traditional styles but likes to put their own twist on them.

Personalities suited to this cut: Someone who is outdoorsy, spunky, a trend setter, or likes to do things their own way. (Think of Serena Williams or Blake Lively.)

Pairs well with: A unique, statement dress with a splash of color.

Ideal honeymoon: Heading out on safari in South Africa with a canteen of wine.

Photo of a pear cut engagement ring

Pear Cut

The least common of the engagement ring styles, this less conventional diamond cut mirrors that of a pear or teardrop shape, and is perfect for someone who is looking for something unique and less conventional than the options that we listed above. The pear cut shows off confidence and originality, in a way that other softer cuts do not.

Personalities suited to this cut: Someone who is bold, independent, fashion-forward, likes to stand out, and moves to the beat of their own drum. (Think Kaley Cuoco or Anna Kournikova.)

Pairs well with: A sleek gown with a one-of-a-kind element, like a bridal cape.

Ideally paired honeymoon: A two-week adventure through the mystical temples and vibrant culture of Cambodia.

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