East Coast Contessa x Jewel

We invited award-winning blogger, Alex Booze, aka East Coast Contessa to tell us how Jewel helps her earn cash back on her style, travel and all things luxury.

Photo of Alex Booze jumping on a bed
Alex Booze, aka East Coast Contessa

“As a blogger, many of you are curious as to how I can afford to experience luxury hotels, clothing, and beauty products on a semi-regular basis.”

“Sure, sponsorships play a large role in my ability to travel and work with luxury and designer brands, but the reality is that I still have to remain mindful of my spending on an expat budget! To tell you a bit about the resources I use to help maintain my blogger lifestyle, I wanted to introduce you to a new approach to cash back sites that is a savvy way to get paid to travel and shop (yes, you read that right).”

Read her full post and learn more at the East Coast Contessa blog.


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