Winter is back in session, and we are here for it. Virtual holiday celebrations left us craving the chance to show off our style and the latest trends in men’s winter outfits. What better way to do it now than stepping out in the most luxurious outerwear all winter long? 

That’s right, let everyone see what you’re made of with gorgeous, timeless coats and accessories while you run your errands or head to the gym. Men’s winter fashion is all about each brand’s take on classic trends: Wool coats and socks, divinely knitted sweaters, cozy textures, and the warmest boots.

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Shop men's winter outfits from COS

Winter style for men: Coat check, please!

It’s time for an upgrade, guys. You deserve so much more from a coat. Are you still throwing on your favorite sweatshirt and calling it a jacket? Has your best wool coat seen better days?

This winter, buy yourself a coat that is worthy of you — one that will last decades. Here is your sign from COS: Buy better, keep forever. That’s what they live by, and we support anyone who wants to give us that promise! What’s a men’s winter style guide without coats?

The cold-weather essential: Wool coats

A wool coat is a timeless piece that should exist in everyone’s closet. The Wool Clean Cut Padded Parka caught our attention immediately — it’s water repellant, has a hood, and is cut beautifully. Is a wool coat ever not a go-to winter fashion trend?

Super warm and functional, we think a wool-parka combination is brilliant. For those sleeting winter days where you need the warmth of wool with extra water resistance and head protection, this is it.

Go for the classic Double Breasted Wool Coat if you want a modern take on a winter essential. You’ll feel like you’re heading into your Wall Street office with this luxurious coat. And if you actually are? We’re thrilled for you.

But we encourage the use of this coat for all functions, including the gym and grocery store. You never know who you’ll inspire with the right winter style.

Functional and warm puffer jackets

Puffer jackets were created out of absolute necessity for cold weather, and we are hashtag grateful for that. Even though the wool coats of today have advanced, there are some things only a puffer jacket can handle. Winter outfits for men must remain functional, after all! And honestly, a puffer jacket is always a trending style you can count on.

COS has a delightful Down Filled Short Puffer Jacket with heavy padding and hidden adjusters. Oh, and it’s totally showerproof. We love the casual yet sleek style of a well-crafted puffer!

men's winter fashion from Cole Haan

These boots were made for men’s winter fashion

Who are we without a good boot? That might seem dramatic, but especially if you’re in a snowy or rainy location, a solid boot is pretty much everything. Who wants to live in wet socks all day? You need protection from all of the winter elements, and we know where you can go for help.

Boots with personality

You will love the selection at Cole Haan if you want to express your unique style while staying waterproof. The 4.ZERØGRAND Hiker Boot comes in four styles, including a yellow suede for a pop of color. Want a winter trend tip? Bright colors are a sight for sore eyes during dreary days!

The waterproof leather and suede exterior wraps around an insulated lining for warmth, while the deep tread pattern is meant to hold a solid grip on any slippery surface. We feel warmer already!

Classic style with a waterproof upgrade

If you’re looking for a classic-cut style in boot form, the Wagner Grand Apron Chukka Boot has that sharp design. And, it’s waterproof to boot (pun absolutely intended). Pair it with your wool coat for impeccable winter style.

Cash back on men's winter style from D'aniello Boutique

Winter outfits for men: A luxurious spin on sweater weather

To heighten the casual guys winter outfits, let’s look at the classic hoodie. Now, turn that into a Merino Wool Hooded Sweater from D’aniello Boutique.

Our favorite cozy, casual items can be upgraded to high-quality, luxury fabrics that will last years. And, it’s an easy way to show everyone what great style you have. If your coat can last you years, why can’t your sweaters, too? Lucky for us, winter style trends often repeat themselves, because the tried-and-true classics work.

Cozy in cashmere

Many times, we need something that looks dressier than a hoodie, even if it’s made of Merino wool. That’s when a great cashmere sweater comes in handy. It can be worn all season, dressed up with wool-blend trousers or dressed down with jeans. Guys winter outfits can be understated, too!

The Jacquard cashmere sweater offers the luxury of cashmere with a classic knitted pattern. Just lovely!

Shop men's winter fashion from Luisaviaroma

Finishing touches: High-quality accessories for men’s winter outfits

You’ve got the coat, the cashmere sweater, and the boots. Now, what about scarves, hats, and other pieces to adorn you? Soft, cozy textures are always in style.

If you haven’t noticed, the theme here is quality items that will last. Men’s winter outfits consist of classic pieces that withstand the test of time and season. With each new year, we want you to pull out that wool coat and feel the same confidence every time. Cheers to that!

Tools to keep you warm

It wouldn’t be a men’s winter style guide without a checklist for cold-weather accessories: Socks, scarves, and hats. The collections from Luisaviaroma leave nothing to be desired. They have a wide selection of cotton-blend socks in dozens of lengths, colors, and styles to fit your mood and outfit.

As far as scarves are concerned, we are very interested in their wool scarves and the wool-silk blends. Or, you could go for the iconic Burberry cashmere scarf. We have one in the cart right now!

For winter hats, a wool fedora could complete your winter wool ensemble, or go for an ultra soft and warm trapper hat. And remember, a knit beanie will never let you down, as far as we’re concerned.

Luisaviaroma has hundreds of other accessories, too, like sunglasses, gloves, and watches from your favorite luxury brands. We could go on forever!

Don’t forget: You’re getting cash back on everything

You’re going to look incredible this winter. We don’t want to take any credit for it (okay, maybe a little), because we know you are staying true to your style. You deserve high quality pieces, and you also deserve cash back for everything. 

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