Your toes put in a lot of work to keep you from falling over. It’s time to treat them to some fresh air and sunshine. Let them dangle in the breeze and feel the grass, sand, and saltwater. 

Just because summer is winding down, doesn’t mean sandal season is over. In this post, we’re breaking down our favorite types of sandals for late summer and beyond. You’ll find some classics that never go out of style alongside fresh pairs straight out of the latest fashion magazines. Give yourself a pedicure and get ready to show off your tootsies — sandal season is far from over! 

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The Best Types of Sandals for Your Lifestyle

Havaianas flip flops for sale

Flip Flops

The #1 most hated shoe of podiatrists, yet beloved by everyone else from pre-teen girls to sockless dads. The flip flop is a classic summer sandal, even if most of them won’t make it past September.  

In flip flops, you’re practically barefoot. They offer little protection or support to your feet. You’ll have grimy toes if you wear them around the city and may even end up with bigger physical problems down the road. And that’s if they don’t fall apart on you.

You’ve probably been let down by your flip flops before. One day, you’re enjoying a lovely stroll along the boardwalk when suddenly your flop gives out. The strap tears or a nail punctures the rubber. Now you’re a shoeless Joe, hobbling home in shame.

This is why we love Havaianas. They last FOREVER. These are not your standard flip flops, they’re comfy, cute, and durable. They were born in Brazil — a country that certainly knows about beach life— and over the past 50+ years, the quality has only improved.  With plenty of basic options and bold prints for both men and women, the whole family will love these flippy floppies. If your go-to type of sandal is the flip flop, treat yourself to a pair of Havaianas and it might be the last pair you’ll ever need.

Shop Ecco sandals

Adventure Sport Sandals

If you never know where life may take you, you need a pair of sandals that are built for adventure. Impromptu hikes, pounding the pavement while exploring a new city, or splashing around a rocky beach — sport sandals can do it all. They’re waterproof with adjustable straps for a snug fit. They don’t slip, they don’t slide, and they DON’T hold you back. 

ECCO makes durable shoes and sandals designed to keep up with your active life. If you think sandals will only get in your way, ECCO will change your mind. They’re lightweight with arch support and made for all-day comfort. Whether you’re walking around town or a national park, these sandals will keep your feet happy mile after mile. 

Cole Haan platform sandals for sale

Flat Sandals

This type of sandal is typically a flip flop or slide all dressed up. They’re comfortable, but stylish enough that you can wear them out to a nice dinner. And if you end up taking a post-dinner stroll, your feet won’t be covered in blisters the next day.

Cole Haan has a fantastic selection of classy sandals. Wear their high-quality footwear out to dinner or a backyard barbecue. Flat sandals are the perfect complement to a long flowy maxi dress or skirt. With these sandals, comfort and style blend together effortlessly so you don’t have to compromise on either.

Casual sandals from Mansur Gavriel

Casual Heeled Sandals

When you need a little bit of height and a lot of style… These are the cute yet comfy type of sandals you’ve spotted on all your favorite influencers. Casual sandals are frequently sporting up to the minute trends like bows, knots, and other delicate details. With a short to medium heel height, they’re walkable too.    

Fashionistas love their graceful and understated handbags, but Mansur Gavriel also makes elegant shoes. They even use the same buttery-soft leather from the bags for their footwear. We love the Ruched Mule, it’s classy and comfy and adds the perfect feminine touch to your late summer party look.

Adidas slides for sale

Athletic Sandals

Athletes demand a lot from their footwear — if your shoes don’t improve your performance they’re holding you back. While we can’t recommend playing anything other than ping pong in sandals, the right pair will help you recover after a game.

Adidas creates the type of sandal your feet crave post-workout. They’re easy to slip on and off, so you won’t miss a single shot. The iconic Adissage Slide is a staple of locker rooms everywhere. They’re designed to relieve your feet after a long game or training session and feature that famous massaging footbed. 

Shop Nine West open toe sandals

Best Work Shoes With Open Toes

Whether you’re back in the office or still working from home, some days you need that confidence boost that comes with looking your best. Dress codes vary, but most workplaces these days have embraced the open toe sandal for women. Finding the right one can be tricky. You need to be comfortable enough to keep up with the office walk-and-talk, while still looking fierce.

For work sandals that can do it all, check out Nine West. From tasteful platforms to metallic flats, this brand carries the perfect type of sandal for everyone. We love Nine West for their fashion-forward styles at affordable prices.

Shop Jimmy Choo designer sandals

Showstopper Heels

We had to throw a high-fashion sandal in here! A premium designer heel is always in style. Even if you’re not traveling far from home this year, you still deserve to feel worldly and glamorous. And a luxurious 5-inch heel can make you feel invincible too.  

Our choice for stilettos with superpowers is Jimmy Choo. This brand needs no introduction, they’ve been making drool-worthy footwear since the mid-1990s. Everything about this brand is pure luxury. So if you’re thinking about a new pair of sky-high strappy sandals, choose Choos.

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