Happy New Year, friends! Understandably, you might be afraid to shout that 2021 will be your year.

Many of your health goals last year might have been put on hold due to, ahem, unforeseen circumstances. Or, maybe you took the year in stride and made incredible advances on your health journey. Hurray for you! 

We support all you darlings, and we want to inspire you to believe that every New Year is a fresh chance to shine gloriously. That’s why we put together this fabulous list of cash back deals to help you achieve or continue all of your wildest healthy New Year’s resolutions.

From support for healthy eating and self-care routines, to fitness accessories, we have scoured your favorite luxury brands for items that will make your aspirations easier to reach. So cuddle up in your favorite spot on the couch and get ready to earn cash back on everything you purchase.

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Shop Aesop for New year's resolution healthy habits

1. Create a better skincare routine

You gotta love your skin! After all, it is our largest organ and the part of us that’s always on display. If this is part of your healthy New Year goals, sometimes all it takes is a beautiful, luxurious product to help spark this self-care routine.

The Australian experts behind Aesop have carefully crafted high-quality Skin Care Bundles you must check out. 

From vitamin-rich bundles to formulas created specifically for oily, combination, or acne-prone skin, create a daily spa experience while truly nourishing your body.

Shop Bloomingdale's for healthy new year's resolutions ideas

2. Encourage your creative pursuits and healthy habits

We’ve all heard it before from our friends or beloved therapist: Journaling can be quite the tool to help us set goals, work through problems, and get our creativity flowing. If you find the typical pen-and-paper duo to be a bit, well, boring or uninspiring, we get it.

Luckily, with the brilliant minds of today, we get innovative products to encourage our self expression. The Montblanc Augmented Pen & Paper Set available at Bloomingdale’s is, to put it simply, so cool.

As you write or draw on the pages with the provided pen, your pages will get converted to editable, digital files via the Montblanc Hub app. What a time to be alive!

Create a healthy new year with Moon Juice supplements

3. Supplements to boost your overall health and wellness

Healthy New Year’s resolutions should start from within, right? If you’re tired of dragging in the morning and want to wake up feeling energized and ready for the day, you might need some extra support.

Moon Juice has a plethora of high-quality supplements and natural beauty products to help people heal from the inside out. 

If you don’t know where to start, we suggest checking out the Unstress Stack. It includes the supplement SuperYou for the morning and Magnesi-Om for night time. This combination of herbs and minerals is meant to support your energy, mood, relaxation, and brain health.** Sounds like the perfect place to start!

Keep New year health resolutions with PUR water filters

4. Drink more water, please!

Want to know how to be healthier in the New Year? We’re not going to nag you like all those apps you downloaded to boost your water consumption. We’re just going to politely suggest that you drink more water, since it’s a simple and essential place you can begin to help your health.

And, we’re going to give you an extra incentive to support your water goals: Cash back with PUR!

PUR water filters are certified to reduce more than 70 contaminants, including 99% of lead. With gorgeous, sleek faucet filtration attachments and convenient pitchers, you can choose the easiest way for you to get your clean water.

You deserve crisp water that will keep you going back for refills, and you deserve the glowing skin and hair that comes from better hydration!

Start new year's resolution healthy habits with Hello Fresh

5. Eat better with less work

We all wish we were more like our favorite Food Network chefs, making gorgeous dishes with elegance and ease. In reality, many of us struggle to know how to cook and eat well. Where to begin? What do you do with that squash? How do you properly cut an onion? By the time we’ve Googled all of our questions, we’re too exhausted to cook.

Fortunately, we have options like Green Chef to support our food journey. Choose a plan, including keto and paleo or plant-powered options. From there simple, healthy ingredients and recipes will be delivered to you.

Plus, each recipe will be ready in about 30 minutes. You’ll learn how to cook and use those healthy ingredients you’ve always wondered what to do with. Bon appetit!

how to be healthier in the new year with Thrive Market

6. Give yourself the gift of healthier options this New Year

While companies like Green Chef will do the work for you, if you already know how to cook and just need more options to fit your New Year health resolutions, consider purchasing a membership with the online-only Thrive Market, which unlocks access to thousands of organic, sustainable products and members-only deals and rewards. 

As an incredible bonus, every paid membership sponsors a free one for a low-income family. Giving never goes out of season!

Shop products to have a healthy new year at Urban Outfitters

7. Build strength while you go about your day

Oftentimes we miss our mark on New Year’s resolution healthy habits because our goals just aren’t easily attainable. Making small changes in the tools we use to live our fabulous lives can make all the difference.

That’s why the super handy ankle and wrist weights at Urban Outfitters could be just the thing you need. Strap them on and go about your day — all while building muscle with every step. 

Urban Outfitters also has a bluetooth-enabled Smart Jump Rope to help you track progress and access challenges on your phone. We love making exercise convenient!

Tech to keep your new year health resolutions from Samsung

8. Use technology to keep you on track

If your healthy New Year’s resolutions include staying organized and up-to-date in all aspects of life, Samsung has a Work and Wellness Pack with the latest Galaxy devices. 

With the Galaxy Note20 smartphone, Galaxy Watch3, and Galaxy Buds Live, you create a combination of lifestyle-enhancing tools to track work, exercise, and overall wellness. 

Working from home is all the rage right now, and we’re glad our favorite tech brands are building tools to make that lifestyle easier for us!

You’re getting cash back to support your healthy New Year’s resolutions

Excited to purchase some incredible items to enhance your New Year, new life goals? We sure are!

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If the new you needs luxury clothing items (who doesn’t?), check out our list of the world’s best authentic luxury apparel to inspire your shopping.

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