Yes, we know you’re mourning your annual New Year’s Eve party (sob!), and your huge family Thanksgiving gathering. We hear you. Last year’s celebration of what the new ’20s would bring had us all dreaming up what this year’s events might hold. But, we aren’t going to let anything stop us from getting glam for this season of holiday parties, and neither should you.

Get inspired, lovelies, because these winter trends will re-energize your holiday spirit. From big, cozy sweaters to houndstooth and animal prints in edgy cuts, we want to encourage you to go all out, in whatever way that means for you. You’ll reach more eyes by posting your look on social media, anyway.

With cozy, casual holiday party outfits to all-out party attire, we have something to awaken everyone’s taste and style, even if your parties consist of you, Mom, and Dad, or you and your roomie. Read, click, and share, because we want to spread the word: Intimate holiday parties are on!

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Casual holiday party outfits from NakedCashmere

Chic, cozy, and casual holiday party outfits

Covered in comfort with cashmere

If you’re dreaming of a laid-back Christmas, consider the three C’s of holiday comfort: Chic, cozy, casual. Wait, we just thought of one more: cashmere! Cozy, oversized sweaters and cape-like shawls are a fashion trend we are ready to embrace. NakedCashmere aims to make the highest-quality cashmere apparel more accessible, and their website is stacked with the softest, dreamiest sweaters, jackets, and wraps to fulfill your holiday fashion dreams.

Why play it safe just because you’re at home? Go head-to-toe in comfort with joggers paired with a fringed cashmere cape. And there are plenty of buttoned cardigan options for the guys, too.

Understated chic apparel

Outfit changes aren’t just for glam attire. Simple pieces you can layer are a timeless option for any time of year. Try some cozy T-shirt bundles or hoodie and pants bundles you and your partner can rock on the holidays from Alternative Apparel. Or try a button-down dress for another stylish yet relaxed look.

Shop ModCloth for cute holiday party outfits

Show off your unique style with sequins and velvet

Luxury holiday party outfits for men

When we think of glam outfits for men, we envision bold knit sweaters and classic cuts. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what’s on the menu this season. Luxury Italian boutique Coltorti has a fab selection of Burberry print shirts and jackets, and even a striped sweater with sequins from Lanvin. Yes, men, we’d love to see you confidently rock a sequined shirt for the holidays!

If you’re due for some top-quality accessories, Coltorti also has a beautiful selection of leather wallets and cardholders for a classic pairing with your bold attire.

Glamorous holiday party outfits for women

Meanwhile, party outfits for women make us think of velvet, velvet, and more velvet! Why? Well, along with quilted patterns and leather, velvet is a classic trend that’s being reinvented this season. For a gorgeous selection of dresses with elegant cuts, pleated skirts, and bold coats, check out ModCloth. Their maxi dresses scream classic movie-star style, and they also have a selection of velvet Mary Jane flats and heels that you can pair with your favorite jeans to add a touch of nostalgia to a laid-back look.

If you’re more understated with your style and want to select specific pieces to express your personality, accessories like jewelry, socks, tights, and purses allow you to shine your light however you’d like during the holidays.

Shop work holiday party outfits from Milly

Express yourself with color pops and bold prints

Work holiday party outfits to showcase your wild style

You’ll probably have a work party to attend via Zoom this year, because who wants to give up the annual office holiday party? It’s the best time to show off your out-of-office style and relax with your coworker pals.

Bold animal prints are pretty much always a thing, right? Right, because this trend is burning brighter than ever this season. These prints are perfect for an online party or meeting. Even if co-workers only see a peek, it’s an attention-grabber. Animal-print tops and dresses, floral velvet dresses, and bright pops of color in classic cuts and styles are where it’s at right now, and they make the perfect choices for holiday work attire. Your coworkers will be wowed and inspired by the way you’re shining throughout the season, no matter what’s thrown at you. Pair the prints with a bold lip, and you’re golden.

Check out Milly for your bold, contemporary fashion needs, plus the perfect winter coat. For holiday errands — or for those days when the winter chill sets in and you can’t keep the thermostat high enough — layer on faux-fur coats, vegan leather puffers, or fringe wool coats. Stunning! Plus, think of all these looks paired with the perfect Instagram filter. Snap away, friends! Social media is the best way to share holiday cheer this year.

New Year's Eve outfit ideas from Pam and Gela

Ring in the New Year with a mix of edge and comfort

Maybe you’ll watch the ball drop with a few close friends, or snuggled up on the couch. Times like these call for soft denim in your perfect fit. Pick one denim piece like your favorite cut of jeans, or wear it head-to-toe with a button-down shirt. Joe’s Jeans has dozens of styles, fits, and colors for men and women, plus denim shirts and soft sweaters for everyday style and sophistication. File this under super cute holiday party outfits that mix flawless fashion with a casual effortlessness. 

Speaking of mixing luxury with comfort, we spy another trend. A mixture of punk edge and elegance, presented to you with sharp cuts and feminine grace. From sweatshirts with rhinestones to houndstooth cropped jackets and pleated shirt dresses, you might be thinking that this seems a little too formal for a casual evening. However, Pam and Gela has changed the game again by incorporating all these looks into comfortable, wearable pieces. These are the folks behind Juicy Couture, so they know how to do athleisure that takes you from day to night effortlessly.

Edgy, comfortable holiday looks — who knew we could put those two words in the same sentence?

Snag the latest holiday looks this year

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