Sunglasses. Shades. Or sunnies — if you’re in the land down under. 

Nothing will make you look as cool, casual, and carefree as a great pair of sunglasses. Don the accessory most beloved by royalty, musicians, and movie stars to get an instant boost of confidence.

To pull off that whole “I summer on my yacht in Spain” look, you need a pair of sunglasses that suit your face. Any old pair just won’t do. Not for that luxe look you crave. It’s all about fit and proportion and we’re here to make that part easy. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to measure your face for sunglasses, and find your shades soulmate. 

The first step is to determine your face shape. Then we’ll show you how to measure your face for sunglasses, and we’ll wrap up this post with some of our favorite high-end sunglasses.

Alright, shades down. Let’s roll! 

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Is Your Face Square?

It might be!

The first step to finding a pair of sunglasses that will make you feel like a movie star is to analyze your face. Yes, you must gaze lovingly at your own reflection. Take a look in the mirror and decide which of these shapes your face most resembles.

  • Round — The closest to a perfect circle. You may want to avoid round lenses since these will highlight the roundness of your face. Square shapes or aviators will look great on you.
  • Oval — Most sunglasses will flatter an oval face. Though be cautious of super wide sunnies. These can throw off the proportions of your face.
  • Square — Round shaped lenses offer the right amount of softness to angular square faces. 
  • Triangular or Heart — Your face is widest at the forehead and narrows to your chin. Square or round shapes will balance and enhance your features. 

Once you’ve made a decision, don’t forget to wink in the mirror and say hey, good lookin’ to yourself! Living like a movie star is all about confidence. 

Ok, back to sunglasses. In general, you want to opt for glasses that contrast with your face shape. These will flatter and accentuate your best features. Of course, these are merely suggestions. The most important part of discovering your shades soulmate is to find your one true love! Throw all these “rules” out the window just like a starlet tossing out her latest boy toy. 

Sizing Yourself Up

The best way to find out if a pair fits is to try them on. That’s not so easy when you’re shopping online. Did you know that sunglasses are NOT one size fits all? Some brands offer different sizes to ensure a great fit for everyone. 

Grab a pair of shades that fit you well and check out the inside of the frame. If you’re lucky it may have the measurement listed in millimeters near the temple. This varies depending on the brand, but it’s worth checking because it can make your sunglasses shopping experience easier. 

No markings? That’s ok we’re going to teach you how to measure your face for sunglasses.

How to Measure Your Face for Sunglasses

There are three places on your face you’ll need to measure: the eye size or lens, the bridge, and the temple. Yep, that’s right. Back to the mirror you go, beautiful. Follow along with these steps to learn how to measure your face for sunglasses. 

  1. Grab a tape measure or ruler and paper and pen. We’ll be measuring in millimeters, FYI.
  2. Stand in front of your mirror. 
  3. Eye size: measure across your eye socket from the side of your nose to the end of your eye. Typically this measurement is in the 55 — 64mm range.
  4. Bridge size: measure the width between your eyes. This is the piece that sits on your nose. 
  5. Temple length: measure a pair of glasses that fit well. This measurement is the entire arm length from hinge to the end of the tip.

If you’re shopping and can only find one measurement for a pair of sunglasses, this is most likely the eye size measurement. Those with smaller faces should choose lenses with widths closer to 55mm to avoid overwhelming their petite face. Larger faces can accommodate lenses up to 67mm. 

Designer Sunglasses We Love

Photos samping the Porshe Design sunglasses; Porsche Design sunglasses for sale

Porsche Design

Porsche makes stunning sports cars known for high performance and beauty, so you can trust that their sunglasses must be flawless too. With a wide range of aviator styles, these shades are designed for speed. Made from premium materials like 18-carat gold and titanium, you’ll be itching for a joyride every time the sun’s out. 

Photos sampling the Ray-Ban sunglasses; Shop Best Ray Ban Sunglasses for sale


 The papa of sunglass brands, Ray-Ban is known for its top-quality timeless styles. Often imitated but never duplicated, treat yourself to a new pair of their classic Wayfarer frames. Beyonce, David Beckham, and Leonardo DiCaprio have all been spotted in the iconic shades, so you’ll be in good company. 

Photos samping the Toms sunglasses; Shop Toms sunglasses


Check out do-gooder brand Toms for on-trend and affordable sunglasses that give back. You can feel good trading in your old pair of sunnies for one of their bold and colorful styles. We love these high-end shades that come at budget-friendly prices.

Time for Your Close Up

Now that you know how to measure your face for sunglasses, you can create your own iconic look. You could go for Jackie O vibes with giant shades. Or channel your inner John Lennon with tiny round ones. When choosing your new pair of sunglasses you’ll also want to make sure they offer adequate UV protection. Oscar winners know that prevention is the key to avoiding wrinkles. Look for the UV400 rating or opt for a polarized pair.

Once you’ve got a killer pair of shades, it’s time to complete your summer fashion domination. Check out this blog post, to learn how you can make money while shopping the latest swimwear trends.

Start shopping now and don’t let summer get away without treating yourself to a new pair of sunglasses.

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