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One of the best parts of the holidays is seeing a child’s face light up with joy as he or she opens their gifts. It’s a magical time of year for little ones. Wishes come true and memories are made that last a lifetime.

At least that’s what happens when you give the right gift. But if you get it wrong? Get ready for a level 5 nuclear meltdown.

Kids know what they want. And what they don’t want. Little ones aren’t shy about showing their disappointment. If you’ve ever seen a 5-year-old open a present and find a pair of socks inside, you most likely know the destruction that can happen.

Or maybe you’ve given a second grader a toy that’s “meant for babies.” Ouch. It could be YEARS before you recover from that humiliation.

We want you to be an awesome gifter. That’s why we’ve compiled this kids holiday gift guide. We’re breaking it down by age range to make it easy to find the right present for all the kids on your shopping list, and earn cash back in the process. Watch your back, Santa!

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Kids Holiday Gift Guide by Age

Christmas ideas for kids from Skip Hop


Here’s the good news, babies won’t judge you for bad gifts. But their parents might. So selecting a gift based on the parents’ needs is always a safe bet. Check out​ ​Skip Hop​ for functional and adorable baby gift ideas. You’ll find toys for bathtime and playtime plus teethers and soothers to help the baby calm himself and give mama a break. Or play it safe and grab a gift you know mom and dad will appreciate like extra pacifiers, bottles, and other feeding time tools.

shop Munchkin's from Jewel kids holiday gift guide


For our first toddler-age kids gift idea, we’re going back to​ ​Skip Hop​. Their Zoo Animal collection features adorable backpacks, lunch bags, and mealtime supplies all designed to encourage toddler independence. Available in 22 different animals from ape to zebra, these products make the perfect gift for animal-loving tots.

If your toddler adores bath time (or maybe needs some encouragement to partake) shop​ ​Munchkin’s​ collection of creative tub toys. From musical instruments to games and bath crayons, imaginative play takes centerstage during bath time. You may discover you have a tiny Picasso or Mozart on your hands. Imaginative play can be a fun part of a toddler’s development, so help him or her embrace the fun with Munchkin’s bath toys.

Presents for kids from Melissa & Doug for sale


Trust us, you don’t want to disappoint a preschooler with a boring gift. For little ones ages 3 to 5, turn to​ ​Melissa & Doug​ to find impressive presents for kids. All their toys are designed to help young minds embrace creativity and make playtime feel extra special. From art supplies to blocks and dolls, you can’t go wrong with a toy from Melissa & Doug. Everything they make is high quality and safe for kids.

We love their wooden playsets and puzzles. The Let’s Play House Dust, Sweep, & Mop set is adorable and gets rave reviews. A shoe-in for this kids holiday gift guide, this play set makes it a cinch for parents to instill good habits in their youngsters. Inspire a tiny chef with a wooden food playset or a future race car driver with their first set of wheels. Little performers will be able to channel their creativity through music with their own mini-piano, xylophone, or bongo. Check out M & D’s collection of puppets to help kids find new ways to express themselves.

Shop kids gift ideas from Rockets of Awesome

Grade School

If you’ve got a little fashion superstar on your holiday shopping list you have to visit​ ​Melijoe.​ This website has one of the best collections of designer kids clothing you can find online. While a child may not ​need​ a pair of leather Gucci sneakers, if you want to earn the title of cool aunt or uncle, this is how you do it. For girls, check out the pretty and luxurious coats from Chloé or Stella McCartney. Boys will love the signature plaid of Burberry separates or soft and cozy hoodies from Boss.

If you’re a parent shopping for your own child ​you’ll​ love​ ​Rockets of Awesome​. Take a simple style quiz and they’ll send you a box of clothes picked especially for your kids. You get to approve everything before they send it to you and can easily return what doesn’t work. There’s no commitment and you can skip or cancel boxes whenever you want. Here’s the most important part, kids LOVE clothes from Rockets. They’re fun, unique, and made from ultra-comfy fabrics. Everything is machine washable too! Make shopping easier on yourself all year long, with the kids gift idea that keeps on giving.

Get the best gifts for kids from Puma


This might be the hardest age group of them all, especially when it comes to girls. You want to give a gift that makes them feel special, but you also don’t want to rush them into adulthood. Make the wrong move and you’ll be on the receiving end of a very gnarly eye roll. One cool brand tween girls will love is​ ​Lime Crime​. It’s a makeup and beauty line that’s full of youthful energy. We’re talking lip gloss, glitter, and temporary hair color spray. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free, and covered in unicorns.

For the young men on your kids holiday shopping list, you can’t go wrong with​ ​Puma.​ Gift a future sports superstar a pair of stylish and functional running shoes. You can also shop Puma’s website by sport, so you know you’re getting him the right gear. If he’s more of an “indoor kid,” comfy t-shirts and sweats from this iconic brand will make his day.

Teenagers and Beyond: Best Gifts for Kids Nearing Adulthood

What about teens? The best way to impress kids this age is to treat them like adults. So avoid any kids holiday shopping guide like the plague. Instead check out our​ ​Men’s Holiday Gift Guide​ or​ ​Women’s Holiday Gift Guide​ for unique gift ideas they’ll love — and you won’t be embarrassed by.

Whatever age group you may be gifting for, be sure to shop through​ ​Jewel​, and treat yourself to cash back on a job well done!

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