It’s the holiday of holidays — New Year’s Eve. We are just as excited as ever, despite the fact that celebrations may look different. Why, you ask? Well, around here we embrace every opportunity to celebrate. Especially when it means getting dressed up!

Huge parties may be so last year, but we can’t wait for Zoom festivities or a very intimate gathering with the household folks. We encourage you to go all-out on your look, and suggest to your pals that they do the same. All dressed up with nowhere to go may be the theme of this year, but ladies and gents, it is in no way a bad thing.

Instagram, get ready for our very best looks. Sticking with tradition, New Year’s Eve is about sophisticated, glamorous, sparkling styles that shout celebration from the rooftop. And for this year, you have plenty of cozy options to choose from. Haven’t you heard? Cozy and glam work together now.

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Dress it up: Elegant New Year’s Eve Outfits

Not sure what to wear for New Year’s Eve? You can default to elegance. It might have been a while since you’ve been able to get all glammed up for a special occasion, which is why we are giving you full permission to express yourself this holiday.

But if you want simple, understated elegance, we know just the pieces for you. New Year’s Eve has always been about dressing up in a way that makes you feel the most you.

Shop new years eve outfits from Club Monaco

Classy dresses to accompany your cocktails

The Side Drape Mini Dress from Club Monaco is the perfect choice for some classy fun. You’ll feel so glamorous holding your glass of champagne. Pair with red lips for the ultimate old-Hollywood feel, but with a modern take. 

Wear a long necklace and sparkly heels or boots for the boost of shimmer New Year’s Eve is famous for. Check out the Paris Texas metallic slouchy boots from Moda Operandi to seal the deal.

For equal parts comfort and chic, the Shiny Slip Dress is another stellar pick. The satiny fabric will feel luxurious all evening as you celebrate the year’s end in whatever way you choose.

Shop men's new years eve fashion from Calvin Klein

Elegance in men’s New Year’s Eve fashion

What does it mean to dress elegantly as a man? We believe it’s more about how you wear something than what you’re wearing. Having quality clothing that fits well and expresses your personal style certainly helps. For a simple stay-at-home combo, a turtleneck paired with some fitted dark jeans is a perfectly sophisticated choice. 

The Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater from Calvin Klein should do nicely for you. And do you know what would boost this look even more? A blazer, of course! You knew it, didn’t you? The Fulham Velvet Blazer from Guess is the perfect finishing touch for your New Year’s Eve look. A toast — to men who wear turtlenecks and velvet. Cheers!

Best New Year’s Eve looks for a glamorous Zoom party

Gather all your pals for the Zoom event of the year. You have your elegant picks ready if you go that route, but what about straight-up glam? We continue to enlist the help of the experts at Guess for this one. Ladies, it’s time to pull out the sequins. 

What to wear for new year's eve from Guess

Sequined dresses and pants for the perfect New Year’s Eve bash

The Alexandra Sequin Dress is covered in silver, gold, and black sequins for the ultimate party look. Long sleeves and a deep V neckline complete the piece. For a unique, interesting style, try the Natalia Asymmetrical Mini Dress, a sleeveless piece with a front wrap detail. 

Want one more sequined piece? Stun your pals with the Star Sequin Flare Pants. So retro, so glam, so fabulous!

men's new years eve outfit for sale from Kenneth Cole

Glamorous men’s New Year’s Eve outfits

Feel free to wear a suit and bowtie, but we also are fans of the tieless suit for New Year’s Eve. The Kenneth Cole Slim-Fit Nested Suit in the color Valentine is a crisp, stylish look that will balance your sequined friends nicely. Pair with Leather Lace-Up Oxfords for an incredibly glamorous ensemble. Add a silver, stainless steel watch to complete your look.

To enhance or match your sequined crew, the Twisted Tailor suit with gold floral flock is a solid pick. The metallic flowers showcase your unique style and personality — and draw attention, even on Zoom.

Cozy accessories for a New Year’s Eve night in

There’s no shame in proclaiming a night in for New Year’s Eve. After all, it’s been quite a year. Some low-key reflection on another year gone by could be just what you need to celebrate. And to help you remain your stylish, sophisticated self, we have some pieces that will enhance your silent night.

Shop new years eve looks from State Cashmere

Sweater weather: Happy Cozy New Year

Wrapping up in a long sweater is beyond cozy and luxurious and can be one of your best New Year’s Eve looks ever. I mean, it’s basically like you’re walking around in a robe all day. A soft, high-quality cashmere sweater is something that will never go out of style, and will last for years. Cashmere also spans seasons, and could be used to wrap up on a cool summer night as much as those chilly winter evenings. 

The Open Front Long Cardigan from State Cashmere comes in eight colors to match your bright (or dark) personality. They also have matching sets, where you can purchase glorious cashmere knitted pants and a matching sweater. That’s head to toe comfort and luxury, you queen!

For the guys — you can get a cozy sweater too, but we have a better idea. How about a cashmere vest? Casual, comfy, and dapper as can be, you’re sure to create a snuggly evening for you and your partner as you watch the ball drop. 

For a finishing touch, let’s get you both a pair of cashmere socks and slippers. Absolutely divine!

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