Online shopping is an art. Don’t believe us? Here are the two things that qualify it: creativity and skill. If you play your cards right, you can snag incredible deals on high-quality products from your favorite luxury brands.

Maybe you haven’t been out in the world shopping as much as you used to this past year, so your old tricks are moot. Asking the manager for exclusive in-store deals isn’t possible through a screen. And forget about being able to try things on before purchasing!

Fortunately, the online world has its own set of shopping life hacks and tricks for helping you get the most out of every purchase. The biggest one is something we happen to be experts on — not to toot our own horn, but, ahem, toot toot! Oh yes, welcome to cash back central.

When you shop your favorite high-end brands with Jewel, you earn cash back on every purchase. Read on to learn how to do this, plus other insider tips that will enhance your online shopping experiences. These shopping life hacks are going to be a game-changer, we promise!

*Prices may vary. The merchants listed in this blog pay us a commission when you make product purchases using the links we provide.

Essential shopping life hacks to use with every brand you love

1. Follow every social media page

Brands know the power of social media for reaching their customers. They often will post about exclusive current or upcoming deals. Even more exciting, they might host periodic giveaways to encourage engagement.

Just search for your favorite brands on your social media pages, of course. If you can’t find them, go to their website. They almost always will have links on the bottom of the homepage for their social media pages. Follow, follow, follow!

2. Sign up for emails

Tired of those pesky pop-ups asking you to sign up for emails? We kindly suggest doing a double-take, friend, because they often are offering deals right off the bat, just for signing up.

And learn to embrace an inbox full of promo emails, because hidden within are precious offers and coupons that you can browse.

3. Sign up for store credit cards and rewards programs

Now, if you know your credit history, don’t use this as your blessing to max out every store card you get. You are a responsible adult!

But, these cards are quite valuable. They offer deals for using your card, plus cash back opportunities. Using these rewards and shopping with us can get you cash back, both through your favorite brands and on your rewards card.

As a bonus, if you use them with caution and keep paying off the balances, you will improve your credit score. Go you!

4. Just ask!

Just because you’re not in the actual store doesn’t mean you can’t email or chat with their team and ask about upcoming deals. Ask if they can offer you anything in particular for your love and loyalty, or even because you’re a new customer. 

5. Check out their deals page

Even the most luxurious brands offer a page of items that have been marked down. It’s always worth a look!

6. Read reviews to avoid having to return items

Reviews are a gold mine of information. You can find out how true to size something fits, suggestions for wearing, how the store handled returns, and more.

Knowing how many people similar to you needed to return or swap out their product can save you the time and energy of purchasing items that aren’t for you.

7. Use cash back

Time for some shameless self-promotion, ladies and gents! Forget online shopping coupon hacks — using a site like Jewel for cash back opportunities means you’re earning cash back when you shop your favorite luxury brands, like Luisaviaroma, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Algenist.

Search for the brand yourself and shop through our links, or, for ultimate convenience, download our Jewel Cash Back Extension for effortless shopping and cash back on your favorite brands’ sites. Check out as usual, and get paid directly. It’s truly the best way to shop!

8. Have items shipped to a store near you

If the nearest store is merely a hop, skip, and a jump away, consider picking up the items there so you don’t have to pay shipping costs.

9. Return items to the store

On the other end of your transactions, if you need to return something, forgo any shipping charges and just hand it back to the store.

Even if you ordered it online, the store most often will still accept it.

10. Pay attention to the cart and checkout options

This is more to avoid making mistakes than anything else — just do a double check of all items, quantities, and shipping options to make sure everything is accurate and arriving when you expect.

A simple check will save you the headache of returns or refunds later!

11. Start shopping weeks before you need it

No need for rush shipping or missing out on the perfect item — if you give yourself plenty of time, you provide yourself the grace of finding cash back opportunities, email offers, and the sizes you need.

Shopping is not meant to be stressful! It’s an art, remember?

12. Use multiple offers and deals

One of many tried and true shopping life hacks: the old shopping stack. If you time it right, you can use both that 20% off email coupon plus the glorious 10% cash back offer, all stacked up for multiple benefits. Such a beautiful feeling!

13. Anticipate holidays and shopping events

In the rush of life, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s going on. But take a breather! What holidays are coming up? Stores often use any opportunity to promote items, categories, and deals, so all holidays are on the table — just keep an eye out.

Plus, there will be things you don’t even know about, like store anniversaries or their own celebrations. There’s always opportunities for deals right around the corner.

14. Be patient

Sometimes, if you put items in the cart and wait, the store will send you extra offers to encourage you to make the final purchase click.

Also, if the purchase isn’t for a specific occasion and is not a high-demand item, you can keep an eye on your email and social media for store deals that might pop up in the coming days and weeks.

Take these shopping life hacks and shine, shopper!

We hope these shopping life hacks are as fun to read as they were to put together. We want every shopping experience, and especially the ones with Jewel, to be as exciting, fun, and rewarding as possible. You have enough stuff going on in your life, let’s make online shopping cash back a delightful bonus!Want to find out how to use cash back in other ways? Of course you do! Check out these five brands that will help you stay fit at home in style.

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