Getting the most out of small space living is always a challenge. (#thestruggleisreal)

Whether you’re heading back to school and mapping out plans for your dorm room, or you’re constantly trying to hack more space out of your studio apartment, it can sometimes feel like there’s not enough room to have it all.

Here are some simple tips on how you can decorate your space to get the most out of living, working, and playing — and we’re teaming up with our friends at Society6 to share some small decor pieces that can make a big difference. 

Let’s jump right in…

1. Create conversation spaces

Not all studio spaces or dorm rooms come with a separate bedroom, office, and living area. In fact, more often than not, you’re likely studying, sleeping and socializing all within an arm’s length. Our solution? Use temporary seating options like floor pillows to get creative and set up your own conversation spaces within your room.

Photo of floor pillows from Society6
Item pictured: Make yourself proud floor pillow from Society6

Floor pillows are great because they’re so easy and mobile. You can easily throw them under your bed or stack them up in a corner when you want extra space for day-to-day living or a morning yoga session. Then, when your friends come around in the evening, you can easily pull them out and creating a seating circle around your TV for a comfy night of chilling out.

2. Use a cohesive style throughout the entire space

It’s always convenient when your dorm or studio space comes pre-furnished with things like blinds or shower curtains. But these default neutral items can make your entire space feel “blah” and make it even more obvious that you’re living somewhere that’s not your own. So, take advantage of the fact that these items are easy to switch out, and use the replacements to add your personality and style into your space.

Photo of the Sun Moon Earth shower curtain from Society6
Item pictured: Sun Moon Earth shower curtain from Society6

Shower curtains are one of our favorite ways to add a big splash of personality into a space like a bathroom that’s otherwise hard to customize. It’s always great to choose colors for your shower curtain that tie into the rest of your room decor, so that the entire space feels cohesive and not overwhelming, which can easily happen when you try to fit too many decor styles into a small space.

3. Create dedicated spaces for work and play

If there are any two spaces that you should try to separate in a small living area, it’s the spaces where you work and you play. For instance, as much as it might seem convenient to do homework in bed or on your couch to save space, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice in the long run because you’ll start to associate those relaxing places in your home with thoughts of stress and working — and vice versa.

Photo of the summer chaos backpack from Society6
Item pictured: Summer chaos backpack from Society6

Instead, carve out a space in your room that is a dedicated productivity zone — even if it’s a small space like a hide-away desk. Make sure that you’re also keeping the things that are associated with productivity, like your backpack, in that same area so you’re not crossing any boundaries into your relaxation zones. 

4. Use small decor items to switch things up

Last, but not least, it’s always fun to decorate your space for the holidays or for seasonal changes. (We’re already craving Autumn oranges and plaids in every room!) Thankfully, it’s even easier to make a total decor change when you only have a small space to update.

Photo of throw pillows on a bed from Society6
Items pictured: Coffee and Banana palms throw pillow, monstera throw pillow, and minimalist painting 02 throw blanket from Society6.

Given that a bed is usually one of the central furniture pieces in a studio or dorm room, it’s also one that can have the biggest impact on the “vibes” of your entire space. Therefore, one of our favorite ways to bring in seasonal colors or patterns into a studio or dorm is through your bed’s throw blankets and pillows. These pieces are a fun way to bring in a unique color scheme or decor style, and they’re so easy to switch out when it comes time to bring in the next seasonal trend. 

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