The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide From Isn’t That Charming

Mother’s Day Is Just Around The Corner! Jewel has partnered with Emily from Isn’t That Charming to highlight gifts that will wow the special mama in your life. Find out more…

It’s time to shower the women we love with a special gift from the heart, and I’m excited to share a huge list of gift options on my Mother’s Day Gift Guide that I hope will help you shop!

Emily and her mother.

After all, our moms deserve the best.

I believe that you never can truly understand something until you’ve experienced it first hand, and I’ve found motherhood to absolutely be an example of that. I thought I knew how much my mom did for me. I thought I knew what it would be like to raise children. But I see in hindsight that I truly had no idea. I couldn’t have. The dedication, sacrifice, connection, patience, and love a mother has for her children is incredible, and it’s something that I’m grateful every day. I’m grateful for my children, who I learn to be a better mother and person from every day, and I’m grateful for my mother, who deserves more thanks than I could ever put into words.

Which is why, on days like Mother’s Day, I think it’s so important to show your leading lady some love! Sometimes these days get labeled as a “Hallmark Holiday”, but honestly I always appreciate the notion of dedicating a day to celebrating a special someone or occasion, especially when they’re people (like our mothers!) who deserve celebrating every day.

Head on over to Isn’t That Charming to see the full Mother’s Day Guide in partnership with Jewel. Shop selections from Anthropologie, Madewell, Tory Burch, M.Gemi, and many more thru Jewel.

Start shopping and earning in honor of mom…she’ll be so proud!

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