Nearly every woman is on a quest to find one of the perfect-fitting “big 3” — a pair of jeans that fit like a glove; a pair of heels that don’t kill your feet; and a comfortable bra that is actually wearable past 5pm.

If only every woman in the world could find these three perfect items, they’d be one step closer to #lifegoals. And thanks to ThirdLove, women might just be one-third of the way there.*

ThirdLove is an innovative bra, loungewear, and nightwear company that promises to “do bras differently.” No discomfort. No dressing rooms. No drama. Just cute, comfortable bras that are designed to fit perfectly. (Which, shockingly, most bras have a hard time achieving.) So, how are they doing the impossible? They use millions of real women’s measurements to create their products — not sample size templates. (It’s about time, right?)

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Photo of a pink ThirdLove bra

78 Sizes, One Perfect Fit

One of ThirdLove’s biggest claims is that they have a bra fit for everyone, even the “absolute individuals,” and they put that to the test with something that they call the “Fit Finder.” This 60-second quiz asks questions about what you love and hate about your current bra, takes note about your ideal fit, and then recommends your perfect size… just like that.

Are you constantly going back and forth between two different cup sizes trying to find your perfect fit? ThirdLove invented half-cups. The perfect in-between fit to keep those who are always bouncing back and forth between sizes supported — literally. These half-sizes also mean that ThirdLove carries double the amount of sizes that most other brands carry… giving you even more chances at finding that perfect bra.

Photo of a red ThirdLove bra

The Comfort of ThirdLove

Going beyond the “size guide” you see when you’re shopping online at other stores, ThirdLove as a brand is also committed to helping you solve your undergarment woes once and for all, and hook you up with a bra you won’t feel the need to get off as soon as you get home (even though that’s the best!). Major plus up: their Perfect Fit Promise allows you to keep the bra almost two months after wearing and washing it, all to be extra sure it’s right for you. 

Thirdlove’s 24/7™ Seamless Stripe Wireless Bra is just one style that stands up to their Perfect Fit Promise, featuring an ultra-smooth microfiber fabric, memory foam cup, & wire-free design (yay!). They even offer more seductive styles, like the The 24/7™ Lace Balconette, that offer the same comfort as their classic T-Shirt style — despite the ornate black lace detailing that would typically have comfort-first ladies staying far away.

Photo of a ThirdLove black lace bra

Ready to put ThirdLove’s Perfect Fit Promise to the test for yourself? Take their “Fit Finder” quiz and discover which size works best for you. Then, shop through Jewel to earn cash back on your entire ThirdLove purchase!

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