Travel Must-haves From Sephora

Follow the ladies of 48HRS as they airplane hop around the country. Traveling monthly helped them nail down a beauty and makeup regimen that gets them from takeoff to the landing looking fresh. These products are tried and trued even from 38,000 feet in the air.


Airplane air is no joke. It literally sucks the moisture out of any exposed skin and makes you feel gross. The 48HRS team has made it a tradition to bring Sephora’s sheet masks to help us relax on the plane before we land at our destination and immediately get to work! Plus, when you buy 3 masks you get one free…one for each of us and one for a friend we meet on the plane. Now that’s a deal!

LANEIGE – Lip Sleeping Mask

This lip mask is technically made for night time to help those with super chapped lips moisturize during sleep, but I use this mask as a daily lip balm. It’s just that amazing!  It’s Moisture Wrap™ technology boasts hyaluronic acid and minerals to form a protective film over the lips and lock in moisture and active ingredients. This is a life saver in dry airplane air!

SHISEIDO – Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream

Don’t tell, but I used to steal this product from my mother. Now, that I’m making cash back on every purchase, I buy it for both of us! Wrinkle prevention is a major focus of mine, even in my mid-twenties. This Shiseido formula is thick and creamy, leaving your delicate eye area feeling moisturized, but not too heavy. The perfect formula to help avoid tired eyes while traveling.

FARSÁLI – Rose Gold Elixir – 24k Gold Infused Beauty Oil

This is the infamous oil that beauty bloggers use to drip gold flex on their faces, and admittingly, I am a fan. This oil was created as a magic elixir full of all the vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fats acids that your skin craves. Of course, the 24-karat gold flex in the oil has added beauty value too, it is absorbed into your skin and helps it glow naturally. Plus, it’s pretty cool to say you’ve rubbed gold onto your face at 38,000 feet in the sky. 

NARS – Radient Creamy Concealer

I’ve used this concealer for years at this point. While most concealers have been difficult to blend and tend to crease throughout the day, this formula does not. This creamy makeup provides medium to full buildable coverage which is perfect for jet-lagged eyes. No one will ever know how early you had to wake up to catch that flight. 

LAURA MERCIER – Translucent Loose Setting Powder

This powder is another product that I’ve used for ages. It’s great for baking (if you’re into that) or simply just setting your under eye concealer to prevent creasing. It’s also great for magnifying your overall complexion too! It quickly comes to the rescue when you start to get oily on the plane because of all that recycled air. 

HOURGLASS – Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

I never leave the house without perfecting my eyebrows, why would I ever set foot into another state without that either? Eyebrows are very important in my beauty regimen! I’ve tried all types of eyebrow pencils and Hourglass makes THE best pencil. It has consistently outlasted many competitors and the angled tip allows for the best precision when shaping your brows.

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xo, @48HRS

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