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It’s the age-old question: What do you get someone who has everything? No, not everything, but every wellness, fitness thing. They have their workout instructor saved in their Favorites, own every pair of Lululemon leggings, and have all of the sweat-proof, shatter-proof, adjustable gadgets in existence.

And what about the friend who knows all the latest diet trends, and has tried every natural face cleanser out there?

Rest easy, because we’ve found the best gear, gadgets, and goods for everyone on your list. You’ll have enough time to snag all the gifts for healthy people in your life AND find yourself a little extra something this year too, because it’s 2020 and you deserve it.

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Shop workout gifts for healthy people from Bowflex

Fitness gifts for gym lovers (who may be stuck at home)

Beefing up the home gym is hot right now. Workout gifts like weights, foam rollers, and yoga accessories could make perfect additions to your pal’s collection. Have you ever heard anyone complain about having too many fitness accessories? The more the merrier, as they say!

Bikes and ‘bells

Go big and go home, right? If you’re searching for the ultimate gifts for gym lovers, Bowflex has some insane stationary bikes, including their new VeloCore “unstationary” bike that allows you to use a leaning mode and sweep around virtual destinations. How’s that for traveling in place?

If no one is in the market for a bike, Bowflex also has a stellar selection of dumbbells and stowable benches for those working with smaller spaces.

Superior yoga gear

Any yogi would agree — there is always more to learn and with that, more yoga gear to love. Manduka is an incredible source for workout gifts, combining high-performance accessories and apparel with a thoughtful approach. The company aims to create its products as sustainably as possible, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Check out Manduka’s GRP Adapt Yoga Mat, created for maximum sweat absorption and superior grip. There are tons of mats to choose from in many colors and styles, as well as super comfy clothing options for men and women. Snag some of their Mat Wash sprays, too, which contain soothing essential oils.

Shop fitness gift ideas from Dyson

Keep it safe & clean

Whether your friends or family are back at the gym or still making the most of their living room space, we know it’s important to keep things clean. The Honest Company has dozens of natural, organic cleaning and laundry products that you can buy in packs or kits and distribute to the masses.

The triple threat of holiday gift-giving: Thoughtful, useful, and adorable! A cute holiday gift basket filled with non-toxic hand soaps, sanitizers, wipes, and detergent in natural scents like grapefruit or lavender could be just the right gift this year. The Honest Company also has cotton face masks in colorful, sweet patterns to offer holiday cheer.

Soothe your face & body

For the aforementioned friend who’s tried all of the face cleansers — how about Clarins? Gift your friend a luxurious serum, oil, or cream from a company dedicated to continually reinventing their formulas as plant science and technology advance. Clarins has products for men and women, to suit everyone’s individual skincare needs.

Clean your environment

In case you haven’t heard, Dyson isn’t just famous for vacuums. They’re all about technology and innovation. Just check out the brand’s highly rated selection of air purifiers, purifiers plus heaters or humidifiers, and purifying desk fans. Proof that gifts for healthy people extend way beyond protein bars and gym memberships these days (although we’d take a gym
membership anytime).

Gifts for gym lovers for sale from Nike

Activewear for any occasion

We all know our favorite fitness brands aren’t just for function, but serve as fashion statements, too. Check out Nike’s new Space Hippie 04 for the environmentally conscious in your life — this shoe is made with sustainable materials and is available for both men and women. We wouldn’t expect any less from the world-renowned brand.

Under Armour jackets or fleeces are always classic, functional fitness gift ideas to warm any friend or family member’s heart, but the brand also has worked hard on the perfect face mask for the athletes in your life. The new UASports masks are designed to be worn all day and when playing sports, with a water-resistant outer shell, antimicrobial treatment on the inside,
and superb airflow. We knew we could count on them!

Shop best fitness gifts from Adidas

Tech & accessories

Maybe your mom has been eyeing an Apple Watch for months now — help her out! The new sensor for blood oxygen readings could give you both peace of mind and help her stay on top of health issues. Apple also has workouts for just about anything, and lots of stylish bands. Pick one up for your brother, too, so you can compete in seven-day activity challenges

When it comes to accessories, Adidas just gets it. Check out their selection of comfy, breathable socks, steel water bottles, totes, waist packs, backpacks, beanies, and more for the best fitness gifts for healthy people. These products might be perfect for stocking stuffers or “fitness packs” you can put together with your own personal touch.

Fitness gift ideas from Moon Juice

Fuel that holiday spirit

You didn’t think we’d put together a whole list without adding food and coffee, did you? The perfect gifts for healthy people sometimes come down to the absolute essentials — what goes on the inside.

Ever heard of Moon Juice? We thought so. Moon Juice was created by someone who put her autoimmune condition into remission after being told it wasn’t possible. We love a good success story! They make adaptogenic (herbal) supplements, skincare, and food with clean ingredients. Snag the Moon Juice Cookbook or some snacks like Herb & Cheese Crisps or Chile & Lime Mango for unique gifts that show you care.

HelloFresh and Blue Bottle Coffee are two exciting brands we know your friends and family will adore. HelloFresh can send boxes of fresh ingredients and seasonal recipes to their door. Choose from dozens of chef-curated recipes for friends with all kinds of diets, and the recipes are created to be quick and simple to make. Now that’s a gift!

Blue Bottle Coffee ships out their products within 24 hours of roasting. The coffee lovers in your life will never look back, and they won’t have to if you buy them a subscription customized to what they love. The brand was created by a man who just wanted his customers to have fresh coffee they could enjoy at peak flavor. So wholesome!

The perfect healthy gifts

We hope you’re inspired to shop stress-free, and armed with the satisfaction that your friends and family are going to love their gifts. It’s true that it’s the thought that counts, but when the thought is backed up by something they’ll truly love, it’s that much sweeter!

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Now that your fitness lovers are covered, check out our men’s and women’s holiday gift guides for even more brilliant shopping ideas.

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