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You can’t go wrong with the typical Valentine’s Day gifts (or maybe you can, depending on your partner), but did you know it’s okay to think outside the chocolate box?

If you love getting flowers and candy for V-Day, we fully support your desires. But we also appreciate the creativity of gifts that don’t fit holiday standards.

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts are meant to fit the personality of you or your partner, with a romantic twist. Does your partner love games? Get them one-of-a-kind luxury game sets. Maybe instead of the focus being flowers, how about a unique art-inspired vase to complement that bouquet of roses?

See, now you’re getting the idea. Unique Valentine’s Day gifts are a bit more personal, more thoughtful, and another opportunity to remind the ones we love that we are paying attention.

Don’t have a partner? Hey, this list definitely doesn’t exclude you! We are all about buying ourselves a gift for any occasion, or getting our mom or BFF something amazing to honor your special bond.

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Shop creative Valentine’s Day gifts from Anthropologie

Creative Valentine’s Day gifts for fun, cozy nights

Who doesn’t love a good night in? It’s cold on Valentine’s Day in many parts of the world, but even if it’s not chilly, you can create a warm, cozy atmosphere with gifts meant for sharing.

First, set the mood with a plush wool blanket with romantic flowers. Cozy up with the Buongiorno Throw Blanket from Anthropologie in the color Raspberry, then bring out the Gold Lucite Dominoes Set or the Sunnylife Lucite Poker Set. These beautiful game sets are a luxurious, vibrant twist that might easily enhance a game night with your pals. We mean it — they are gorgeous!

Looking for a more intimate gift? We got you. The You Complete Me Heart Jigsaw Puzzle is much more personal. Put together the wooden heart puzzle yourself (don’t worry, it’s only 10 pieces), write a special message on the back, then take it apart. Your loved one will put it together to unveil your message. So sweet!

cash back on trip to Atlantis, unique Valentine’s gift

Big gestures: Unique Valentine’s gifts that make a statement

Take a trip

Never got to have your honeymoon? Want to take your parents on the trip of a lifetime? You don’t need to wait for anniversaries to make a grand gesture. Travel may not be an ideal option right now, but there’s no harm in planning ahead. Book a trip to The Bahamas with Atlantis, a lush oceanside resort located on Paradise Island. 

Check out their special offers for suggestions on romantic getaways, suites with fabulous views, and ways to bundle flights and hotels. Just go for it!

If you want input before booking, put together a fun slideshow for your family, showing them all of the fun options — and mention your cash back savings with Jewel, too!

Shop unique Valentine’s Day gifts from Zales and earn cash back

Take the plunge

We aren’t telling you to get engaged, but that would be thrilling! If you think jewelry is a cliche Valentine’s Day gift, think again. Fine jewelry stores have fun collections that allow people to express themselves with their own unique interests and tastes.

The Featured Collections at Zales include Enchanted by Disney, where you can shop by princess, a glamorous Marilyn Monroe collection, and even a Wonder Woman collection. Your special someone is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness behind something so personal and unique — and sparkly!

Valentine's Day gifts for sale from Foreo

Valentine’s Day gifts to pamper and soothe

For Valentine’s gifts that create a home spa vibe, look to unique gadgets that enhance everyday needs. 

Cleansing and anti-aging tools

Foreo is famous for LUNA, a facial massager and cleanser made of silicone. The latest model, the Mini 3, has 12 massage intensities and the ability to connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

In addition to this special high-tech buddy, Foreo has dozens of luxury face masks and a tool called the UFO Smart Mask Device for an indulgent facial treatment. Truly an at-home spa!

The company’s latest gizmo is called BEAR, and this little guy uses microcurrent pulses to exercise more than 65 muscles in your neck and face to tone and tighten. Color us impressed.

unique valentine's day gifts for men from The Art of Shaving

Luxurious shaving products

So many choices, so little time. But you know the man in your life well, so let’s pamper him, too! There’s new appreciation in the world today for beards, and men are taking pride in sculpting, oiling, and trimming their precious facial hair. On the other side, there’s nostalgia and comfort in using tried-and-true tools to shave, including high-quality straight razors.

For the guy who is devoted to his beard and moustache routine, get him a Beard Balm Brush and some Orange & Clove Beard Balm from The Art of Shaving. Consider purchasing the Panasonic GB96-K styling trimmer for precision in his grooming process.

If you want to help with giving your partner the at-home spa experience you hope they give you, get him a gorgeous Bicote Wood Straight Razor, some Unscented Shaving Cream, and a Pure Shaving Brush. Learn how to shave the old-fashioned way together, complete with a hot towel at the end. Now that’s luxury! 

Shop creative Valentine's Day gifts from the MET store

Art-inspired gifts for those with impeccable taste

For beautiful items that will inspire art lovers, museum gift shops are a great choice for shopping. If your partner loves tea and Van Gogh (trust me, there are a lot of us who love both), the stunning Van Gogh Irises Teapot and matching mugs from The MET Store are obviously a perfect choice.

Book lovers will appreciate the Sardis Column Bookends to add some class and enhance their mantle. Made of marble powder and resin, this pair is a quality homage to the real deal.

Want an alternative to getting your significant other a bouquet of flowers? Consider a porcelain vase graced with an illustrated version of the  “Three Graces” marble statue. This elegant piece has three holes for blooms of your choice. This is on our list!

Every purchase earns you cash back with Jewel

We hope you adore this carefully curated guide of unique Valentine’s Day gifts. We love your love, and want to inspire you to get creative with ideas that are true to your one-of-a-kind relationships! So open your hearts and keep this article open as you shop through our links for exclusive cash-back opportunities. 

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