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Gifts for self care just might be the most brilliant idea this year. Who couldn’t use some extra relaxation right now? That’s why we’ve put together this gorgeous list of wellness gifts for all the most precious people in your life (who need to chill out).

From crafts to cozy blankets and everyday luxury products, we scoured the web for items that will encourage some “me time” and help your giftee feel like the king or queen that they are. 

Self care Christmas gifts are getting a boost with items that go beyond face masks and bath robes and into the nitty gritty of what helps people relax the most: feeling loved and cared for, of course! Plus, when you shop using the Jewel Cash Back Extension, you’ll get cash back on these amazing products. That’s some self care for you, too!

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Our List of Wellness Gift Ideas to Promote Self Care

Shop for self care gift ideas from Jayson Home

1. Home Heart Needlepoint Kit from Jayson Home

Know someone who always wants to start crafts but doesn’t have the time or energy? This Loop Canvas needlepoint kit from Jayson Home was created by two people sheltering-in-place on the shores of Lake Michigan. They wanted to simplify the process so even a novice could take it on (hey, that’s us!). Once completed, the beautiful heart design can be framed or made into a pouch or pillow. So wholesome!

Self care gifts for women from Urban Outfitters

2. Fringe Trim Throw Blanket from Urban Outfitters

Nothing says self care like a cozy blanket. The Amped Fleece Fringe Trim Throw Blanket from Urban Outfitters is super comfy and soft, and can look stylish draped on you or on your couch. It comes in three colors: light gray, blue, and mauve (what a great word).

Earn cash back on wellness gifts from NEST New York

3. Cedar Leaf & Lavender Luxury Reed Diffuser from NEST New York

Fragrances can be difficult to gift, because, well, asking someone “What are your favorite smells?” isn’t exactly part of normal conversation. But NEST New York makes it simple by allowing you to search by mood or by curated gift sets.

The Cedar Leaf & Lavender Luxury Reed Diffuser is meant to give a spa-like experience, which we think makes a perfect self care gift for women or men. Its key notes are rosemary, lavender, and sage enhanced with cedar leaves, so it will give off a light, calming scent without being overbearing.

Shop self care Christmas gifts from Winc

4. A Wine Subscription from Winc

Know someone who likes to relax with a glass of wine before bed? A subscription with Winc might be just the gift they need. The most popular Winc option is to give a gift card for the subscription length of your choosing. This way, your giftee can select their personal wine choices without you having to guess. But, if you know them well, you can go ahead and make the subscription selection for them.

The California-based winery wants to make the wine experience more simple and accessible — so for your friend who always wanted to explore wine, this is a genius match!

Gifts for self care from REN Clean Skincare

5. Scent to Sleep Gift Set from REN Clean Skincare

We know a lot of people struggling to get a good night’s sleep, so why not give them something to boost the experience? The Scent to Sleep gift set from REN Clearn Skincare includes a night moisturizer and relaxing pillow spray.

The frankincense-scented night cream has antioxidants to deeply hydrate skin during sleep and combat premature aging.

The pillow spray is a mix of hops, lavender, and frankincense that can be spritzed on pajamas and bed linens to encourage a lovely night’s sleep. Sounds like a pretty powerful duo to us! Plus, the clean and pure ingredients give even more peace of mind. We’re feeling sleepy already.

Shop self care gifts for men from GilletteLabs

6. Heated Razor from GilletteLabs

Put this at the top of the list of self care and wellness gifts for men! They will feel absolutely spoiled by the new Heated Razor from Gillette. This brand wanted to take the comfort and luxury of a hot towel shave and put it into a waterproof, comfortable razor that delivers continuous warmth during use. Don’t worry, ladies, there’s nothing wrong with stealing your guy’s razor. We won’t tell!

self care Christmas gifts for sale from Le Creuset

7. French Press from Le Creuset

Available in 11 colors and two sizes, this high-quality French Press from Le Creuset is the real deal. It’s crafted from premium stoneware and finished in a beautiful glaze. 

Self care often means giving yourself higher quality tools for the things you love. For the coffee lovers in your life, suggest they take the time to grind their own beans and create more luxurious morning experiences with this French Press.

self care gifts for women from 360Cashmere

8. Teagan Long Cashmere Sweater from 360Cashmere

For the lady who longs to disappear in a cozy, oversized sweater, this cashmere duster from 360Cashmere is a divine choice. It includes an optional belted waist, open front, shawl collar, and — the best part — side pockets! The Teagan sweater comes in two colors: black and espresso. Who says wellness gifts can’t be fashionable too?

Shop wellness gifts from Thrive Market

9. Membership from Thrive Market

Wellness gifts come in many forms. With Thrive Market, you can give the gift of organic food, all-natural products, and time-saving convenience. If you know someone who is wary about leaving the house right now, or who simply doesn’t have the time, giving a membership to Thrive Market means they get free delivery on a variety of incredible, sustainable brands. Better yet, every membership gives to someone in need!

self care Christmas gifts from S'well

10. Original Bottle from S’well

S’well’s reusable water bottles are beautiful, BPA free, stainless steel, and insulated. They come in dozens of sleek colors and styles, and three different sizes. With every water bottle sold, S’well gives a part of the proceeds to charities that help communities in need, like the U.S. Fund for Unicef and Drink Up. For the friend looking to upgrade their water bottle, or the friend who just won’t give up plastic bottles, these bottles are a “S’well” wellness gift indeed.

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