You Go Girl

To the champions, the trail blazers, and the mother’s who run their households with babies on their hips:

We appreciate you!

Jewel is a proud team of majority women and also hold a variety of women own retailers. Below are a few of our favs and why we say, “Hey, you go girl!”

Natalie Massenet

This lady started one of the first big luxury e-commerce businesses, NET-A-PORTER, and continues to grow and invest in other e-commerce business on the rise. Global domination is in the works for her, and NET-A-PORTER is only the beginning. Holding high seats in a few of the other brands on Jewel like Glossier, YOOX, Farfetch, and Everlane, we’re thinking internet’s the limit for Natalie.

Tory Burch

A fashion billionaire in less than a decade – Tory Burch is on fire. Also a former writing contributor to major fashion magazines, Tory began her designing journey in only the early 2000s and immediately the brand blew up with the face of the sales being the infamous Reva black ballet flat. Let’s give it up to this lady and her breath of fresh air in the fashion industry!

Daniella Vitale

Beauty and brains, this woman is Barneys newly appointed CEO and she’s trail blazing the company into their competition with the use of data. While Barneys major competitors include beasts like Nordstrom and Saks, she outs focus behind exclusive Barneys products to stand its ground in the face of massive consumer competition…and she’s right! With exclusive products driving 22%+ of Barneys‘ business – the numbers don’t lie and neither does Vitale.

Sarah Kauss

You’ve seen her reusable water bottles everywhere in every color and pattern. Yes – S’well’s leading lady, Sarah Kauss, launched the company in 2010, and by 2015 was named the fastest growing company in that year with sales that skyrocketed 370% percent to $47 million. Best part of the story? Sarah funded the launch of the business with her own $30,000 and refused major investors, which means S’well is 100% hers. #goals.

Let’s give it up to these 5 women! Of course Jewel is home to many more women run retailers, be sure to check them out and support these inspirations everyday.

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