Your Guide To Healthy Sun Exposure

We’ve partnered with J’adore Detroit to help you get ready to reintroduce your skin to the daily sunshine of summer. Meet Samantha, a trained health & life coach and the lead wellness columnist for one of the city’s leading blogs.

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While you may want your summer glow ASAP, be patient and gradually introduce your skin back to the sun. There are many elements like water and oxygen that are essential for life, but when out of balance they can turn harmful and the sun is one of them.

Healthy Sun Exposure Is:

  • Planning ahead! Going outdoors for a long period of time? Make sure to:
    • Find shady spots
    • Wear a hat
    • Or cover up with clothes part of the time to avoid burning your skin
  • 15-20 minutes without sunscreen—clothing levels up to you!
    • Best practice is to have this time during early to mid-morning hours to avoid the intense afternoon sun that can easily burn
    • Most sunscreen’s blocks various amounts of UVA & UVB rays. By not using sunscreen for this time period you’re allowing UVB light to stimulate Vitamin D production in your skin
  • Always hydrating!

Physical & Mental Benefits of Healthy Sun Exposure:

  • Circadian rhythm regulation – a cycle in which specific hormones release in the body
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increased Vitamin D production
  • Boost serotonin levels which contribute to a positive or elevated mood
  • Stronger bones due to the increased calcium absorption thanks to Vitamin D
  • Lower blood pressure from the release of Nitric Oxide causing blood vessels to dilate
Photo of Samantha holding Beauty Counter sunscreen

Sun is an essential nutrient for health, but there is a smart way to approach it from the:

  • time of day you go out
  • various levels of coverage & shade you have
  • sunscreen you use
  • Nutrition you fuel yourself with
  • & products you use

Food-Based Nutrients For Skin Repair

Photo of Beet, Carrot, Green, and ALG Drought Juices

The healthier you are from the inside out the easier your skin will be able to adapt to changes in climate, toxins, etc. I love fueling with juice in addition to whole foods because the nutrients in juice are considered pre-digested. The fiber is removed when juiced so you are left with a delicious concoction of ready to absorb vitamins and minerals. This is especially helpful if you have gut challenges and have trouble breaking down raw veggies and maximizing their nutrient profile.

Here are a few juices from DROUGHT, a female-owned/Michigan-made product, and a few key nutrients they contain for skin repair:

Beet #1: Manganese, & Vitamin C support collagen synthesis & wound healing

Carrot #1: Beta-carotene the precursor to Vitamin A helps reduce free radical damage from overexposure to the sun

Green #3: Vitamin A & C, plus ginger. Vitamin A  promotes cell production and growth as well as stimulating fibroblasts that keep deep layers of the skin firm and healthy

ALG: Full of ginger to reduce systemic inflammation, while getting in a bit more Vitamin C from the lemon and apple

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Products to Help Revive & Protect Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ so we must be extra careful when choosing which products we apply to it as we eventually absorb it into the body.

Beautycounter’s Countermatch Pure Calm Cleansing Milk:

I’ve been using this specific cleanser for over a week and absolutely love the way my skin feels after it! While I still apply a light layer of moisturizer after the Kiehl’s concentrate, my skin doesn’t feel like it needs it once the cleanser is done hydrating it.

This cleansing milk gently nourishes and cleans the skin without harsh chemical surfactants. It contains plum oil to reinforce the skin’s moisturizing barrier, jojoba oil to cleanse without leaving you feel greasy, and coconut oil to break down makeup and impurities.

Note: There is some coconut oil in this cleanser if you’ve tried using it as a face moisturizer before and tended to break out. I also wear minimal makeup and do not use waterproof products so depending on your preferences, this cleanser may not remove your makeup fully.

Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate:

This little powerhouse contains Vitamin C or 10.5% L-Ascorbic Acid which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it has Hyaluronic Acid which draws moisture to the upper layers of skin to create a smooth and plump appearance. It has a gentle warm sensation on application for me and feels completely pampering applying it!

Little layers of nourishment from the inside with nutrition to external concentrates to help the skin from every angle!

Beautycounter’s Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist:

Earlier I mentioned sunscreen propaganda and fear of the sun that has been created. Sunscreen IS necessary at peak hours and when out for long periods to prevent burning, but I always cringe when I apply it knowing how many chemicals are in it. Many of which are linked to hormone disruption, skin allergies, and stay in the body for unknown amounts of time.

I love that Beautycounter’s has mineral derived instead of chemically derived UV filters to protect you from the sun’s rays. The aerosol spray is due to compact air rather than toxic propellant chemicals and also, unlike many commercial sunscreen’s, is safe for reefs.

I am also very sensitive to chemicals and synthetic perfumes so this sunscreen’s barely existent smell might be one of my favorite parts about it!
Now that you have all the tools to enjoy sun healthily this summer, let’s do a SUN dance to get it here!

Always rooting for you,

Samantha, J’adore Detroit

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